#1: Why not just buy one?

So alright, I want a Ford Mustang, preferably the ’65 version. By the end of the sixties and definitely from the seventies onwards the Mustang became quite ugly, but the early Mustangs were beauties! Hence the reason for me blogging about it :-) I must say they get their act together now with the new Mustang, which clearly is inspired from the classic model, but the Mustang is again a great American Muscle.

So why not just buy one since that still is the easiest way to get one… well at least if you got the money for it. How much money do I need? Looking at current Mustang auctions at Ebay, they all seem to be going for 15.000$ to 25.000$, but then I still have got to ship it to Europe (and I have no idea what that would cost me). So another option is to go and have a look at California Import who always have a fair amount of US classic imports in stock. They got a couple of ’65 Mustangs costing around 15.000€. Knowing this, I’d say that 25.000$ which should get me a nice car.

Do I have 25.000$ to spare? Well I don’t sadly enough, so I guess buying is not an option. At least know I know how much money I need so maybe I just have to set up a Paypal account so you can all donate and contribute to my dream that way… I love that idea ;-)

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3 responses to “#1: Why not just buy one?”

  1. Luc Debaisieux says :

    Hey my friend,

    I’m pleased to be the first one to comment on this very first post. Here are my 2 cents:
    – if I ever win the full pack lottery : I’ll make your dream come true! (and yes, I play… every once in a while). I love this blog… the passion and the dream you share with us here.
    May your dream come true (say, I’m sure it will!).

    PS : The motto of my company is “Drive your dreams”. ; )

  2. Kris Hoet says :

    Cool – that motto of yours works well for me here ;)

  3. Luc Debaisieux says :

    Yep! And talking about a Mustang 65’… I’d be ready to drive your dream as well! ; )

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