#3: Mustangvertising

Remember The Million Dollar Homepage? Alex Tew sold one million pixels worth of advertisement for $1 per pixel and made $1 million. With Pixelotto he’s at it again (although pushing his luck) selling one millions pixels again, but at $2 a pixel this time. The biggest difference is that Alex will keep only one million and the other million will be given away amongst the advertisers through a lotto.

Maybe I can use this idea as well to get myself my Mustang and since I only need $25.000 this shouldn’t even be that hard, since know it works for one million. What do I have to do? Get a 3D view of the ’65 Mustang that I want on a website (mustangvertising.com?). The 3D model should have a grid on it devided into 25.000, and you will be able to turn the model around and choose any placement you want. Now considering I will be driving the car (once I get it) the ad placements can’t be too small, or you will never notice. So maybe I got to divide it into 2.500 for $10 each instead of 25.000 for $1 each.

There’s one problem here though. I’m in it for the love of the car, and nothing else. Thinking about having 2.500 stickers on my car (all-over, even the windows) doesn’t make me any happier… I probably will only barely recognize that it’s a Mustang by that time. Take a look at Chick Hicks here, do you really want to drive a car like this? I don’t. I’ll have to come up with something else I guess.

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