#4: Mustang evangelism

One of the most exciting blog related stories I’ve heard during the last few months is this one: Aston Martin Evangelism. Mike Stopforth wrote an article for the Citizen about 3 things he he wanted to do before he dies and one of it was to drive an Aston Martin. And you know what? About a week later he received an email from the MD of Aston Martin saying “we will arrange for you to spend a day driving an Aston Martin!” Fantastic.

At the time I read it (way before I started this blog) I was especially amazed with how Aston Martin had shown how they listened to their customers. Because that’s how they look at it:

“But the weird thing is (and this is the philosophy of Aston Martin SA), EVERYONE IS A CUSTOMER. Whether I’m buying your car or not, I’m a customer. Not only am I a customer, but I’m a potential salesperson – a potential evangelist for their brand. Readers of this blog know I’m an Audi evangelist – I love the cars and the people have always treated me like a human being. Aston Martin know that whether I can afford their car now or not is irrelevant – I MIGHT BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT ONE DAY! And when I can, they want me back in their showroom. Not Ferrari, not Bentley, not Lamborghini. Aston Martin. They bleed Aston Martin and it shows.”

Obviously when I started this blog, I remembered this story immediately. I’d love to drive an Aston for a day, but one of the things I want to do before I die is buy a vintage Ford Mustang. Or at least find a way to get one, remember the reason for this blog.

So would I stand a chance, just like Mike? Maybe I should only ask for a day of driving with the new 2007 Mustang (Shelby maybe)? Luckily Aston Martin and Ford belong to the same group, and Ford has shown it’s interest in blogs and social media before. Bold Moves from Ford advertises on Engadget for instance, they had a blog (although it didn’t seem to have lasted that long) on the new 2005 Mustang design.

Will Ford notice this post? Well they should to stand at least a small chance to be successful. Maybe the Belgian Ford Co. does? Or it’s agency, they have a blog (and as such surely look at their trackbacks). Well it’s worth a try and so this is my 4th thought to get closer to my Mustang dream.


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2 responses to “#4: Mustang evangelism”

  1. Mike says :

    I damn well hope they do mate :) You clearly deserve it. good luck on your quest!

  2. Kris Hoet says :

    Thanks Mike! It looked like a fantastic experience you had there, let’s hope I can re-produce it ;)

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