#5: Adult supervision required

Blue 1965 Mustang car for only $229? Unlike I told you in the beginning it looks like I will be able to buy a genuine Mustang. There’s one catch, it’s a pedal car, recommended ages 3-6 years. No need to tell you that I’m beyond that age ;)

“The 1965 Ford Mustang pedal cars are admired by Kids, parents and Mustang collectors alike. This authentic AMF Pedal Car Mustang is newly manufactured from the original tooling. Just imagine your child’s excitement when he or she gets a glimpse of this cool classic American pedal car toy.”

It looks like it’s officially licensed by Ford Motor Company so it would count as a real Mustang though. There’s even a Shelby version of it.

Blue 1965 Ford Mustang Pedal Car Shelby GT350 Pedal Car - Front View

I’m pretty sure both my sons will love it, they race around the house all day on these kind of things. Just need to find a reason to explain why I didn’t buy Lightning McQueen instead though. While surfing around on the American Pedal Car website, I also found this Flamed 1932 Ford Roadster (Hot Rod) – pretty damn cool as well!

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3 responses to “#5: Adult supervision required”

  1. guetCoets says :

    haha — Stars Stealing Style

    We heard them declaring their undying bezzer-ness a while back. Remember that butt-puckeringly embarrassing convo? It went like this:
    Lady Gaga: “I loved ‘Stars Are Blind’. I thought it was one of the greatest records ever. Honestly, it is a great pop record.”
    Paris Hilton: “I would love to do a song with you. I love you. You are incredible, you have become an icon… like?”

  2. FroniaCrura says :

    Как всегда грамотная публикация на полезном сайте – iblogmustang.com !! Вы давно в закладках

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