#8: MustangDirect

FordDirect has already sold over 1 million cars over the internet, that was the headline on resultblog (dutch) last week. Looking at the news more in detail it becomes clear that it’s not about 100% online sales, but it’s still remains an interesting phenomenon. I’m pretty sure that back in 2000 when Ford and the network of dealers started with this joint venture a lot of people probably were sceptic about the potential.

You can get a price quote from a Ford dealer in your area from FordDirect, search the inventory of the dealers or build your own vehicle. So the real buy eventually happens with the dealer, but consumers start their venture on the web.

For my personal quest it would have been better if it were a complete online experience though… and they would have to deliver in Europe of course. I hear you thinking “Kris, you started this quest because you couldn’t by one in the first place, so this makes no sense!”. You’re right and yet … If you buy something online you always have the right to return it within the first x couple of days right? I was thinking something along that road, at least I would have had some fun driving it :) Now since you still buy at the dealer’s location, this can’t be done. I’ll have to keep on looking for other ways I guess.

[Via resultblog]

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