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Amazing classic car pictures

What happens when you combine the racetrack of Spa-Francorchamps (undoubtedly the greatest racetrack in the world), some awesome classic cars and a skilled photographer? You get this:

Jacked Up
‘Jacked Up’


Ok, fair enough, no Mustangs here but you got to admire the photography. As someone says in the comments of Djivy’s Flickr stream: “loving your shots, Anyone can take a picture of a nice car but it takes a little thought to capture the character of a car.”

Make sure you check out the other work from Djivy as well! And Djivy, if you ever have great Mustang shots to share… thinking about a new header here ;)

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Mustang AdClassix

I’ve been traveling quite a lot lately which explains why there hasn’t been that much activity on this blog lately. I’m hoping I can get to get writing back up but I’ll be traveling a lot more the coming weeks so let’s see how that goes.

Yesterday I found this cool site that is all around┬ávintage advertising, from toys, office, fashion, … to military. And of course there’s a vintage car ads section in which I found some cool Mustang ads. The ads are organized by year, and there are loads of classic ads in there. Here’s one that must be one of the first ever Mustang ads.

[Via NoDesktopHero]

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This video is no longer available

Bummer! I had two posts in my draft that included some really cool footage. Both videos were clips from the BBC program Top Gear which I found at TechEBlog. Sadly enough, it looks like the BBC had these videos removed from YouTube. Thanks but no thanks.

One clip was with Richard Hammond who took the new Ford Mustang GT for a spin, which was fairly cool, but the second one is the one I really wanted to show to you. It featured Jeremy Clarkson and a 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT… see what I mean? He liked it ;-) If anybody finds this clip, please send it to me.

[Update: the Richard Hammond clip is still up on Google Video]

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