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67 Mustang blog

… or how a guy is doing what I told you in #2 I can’t :)

It’s one of the few Mustang related blogs in my reader and it’s just a fascinating project to follow. The guy – Cameron – is not just building his own vintage Mustang, he’s building Eleanor.


With images of nearly every step and learnings from his journey along the way, it’s quite a good read. And no, not all of it has gone right. As in every business there are partners that can’t be trusted, but it seems like he’s getting there and I can’t wait to see the car when it’s done.

Good luck Cameron!

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This is like how I love my Mustang… unfortunately it’s not mine, but this one is just perfect!

ford mustang
(Image taken by grafixon)

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Mustang for Men

About a month ago, Estee Lauder and Ford introduced a new fragrance for men, which will simply be called Mustang. The new scent is meant ..

“…to appeal to ‘retrosexuals’ — a guy’s guy, the opposite of a metrosexual. This isn’t a car fragrance. It’s a lifestyle brand. The scent…is characterized as a ‘rugged oriental.’ It has top notes of lavender, ginger and lemon; a heart of pipe tobacco and cedar wood, and a drydown of amber, fir balsam and patchouli.”


It should be available from next month in stores like Sears, JC Penney, … I always wanted to smell like a car ;)

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#11: One little red Mustang

One July 12th 2005 a guy named Kyle MacDonald trades one little red paperclip for a fish-shaped pen. About 14 trades and one year later he got a house this way. Fascinating isn’t it? Now I’ve always been thinking this could be my next possible venture to try to achieve my goal: getting my own ’65 Mustang.

After looking into buying one, building one from the ground up or selling a few pixels… here’s trial number 11. What I was thinking of doing is to trade things, but unlike Kyle I wouldn’t start with a red paperclip – got to add at least 1 orginal element don’t you think :) – but I’ll start with a little red car. And also, I will only trade for items that relate to classic cars somehow to keep it a good fit with the content on this blog.


The little red car I’m hoping I can kick this off with is also a Ford, although not a Mustang. This one is a 1974 Gran Torino and more specifically, it’s the one from Starsky & Hutch. I think it’s a 1/18 but it doesn’t say so on the car. I still have the original box as well lying around somewhere :)

We’ll see what happens. You can contact me on mustangblog AT hotmail DOT com.

GT 50%

I agree, this blog didn’t get enough attention of my the last few weeks and months. I’m hoping to become again a bit more active here so here we go again, thanks for sticking around.

I wanted to show you a car that I found last week on Gizmodo, not because it’s good looking nor because it’s a Mustang… because it ain’t. I present you the Smartinor – a crazy concept car design based on the Smart ForTwo and Eleanor (the Mustang out of ‘Gone in 60 Seconds‘ remember). It’s a kind of funny ugly car and especially the GT 50% on the sidestrip is good proof of that.


Just one thing though, lose the Japanese chick will ya ;)

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