GT 50%

I agree, this blog didn’t get enough attention of my the last few weeks and months. I’m hoping to become again a bit more active here so here we go again, thanks for sticking around.

I wanted to show you a car that I found last week on Gizmodo, not because it’s good looking nor because it’s a Mustang… because it ain’t. I present you the Smartinor – a crazy concept car design based on the Smart ForTwo and Eleanor (the Mustang out of ‘Gone in 60 Seconds‘ remember). It’s a kind of funny ugly car and especially the GT 50% on the sidestrip is good proof of that.


Just one thing though, lose the Japanese chick will ya ;)


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22 responses to “GT 50%”

  1. The Story Of The Ford Mustang says :

    The Ford Mustang is one of the best known and easily recognized vehicles on the road today. Who doesn’t recognize the sporty chrome pony emblazoned on the shiny paint of a Ford Mustang?

    But I bet many of you don’t know the history of the Mustang. Well jump in your time capsule and join me for a r…

  2. brit y mare says :

    hola a todos

    Como estan, que traje tan raro. y en automovil esta bonito.


  3. Spicy-McHaggis says :

    is there a turbo on here?

  4. Kris Hoet says :

    @Spicy: I really wouldn’t know

  5. Kody says :

    Is this out of a 50 cent machine? Really what a disgrace. It looks like a toy. I would like to see it in a monster truck show. I hope no one ever does anything like that to a car again. Leave it on a GT 500!

  6. BOB says :

    I love mustangs, and this car is an insult to the real GT 500. I hope no one does this to a mustang again.

  7. kyle says :

    wow.. do u guys really think that car is real? i have a smart for 2 passion convertible, AND a 68 mustang modded up 2 look like eleanor and there is NO WAY you could even come close 2 modding the smart car like eleanor. that car is all photoshop.

  8. truckerdude says :

    oh man, what people will do to get their picture posted and talked about. i hope that this is a concept that will never be a reality, it’s a mockery of carol shelby’s dream creation.

  9. Michael says :

    Like many of you, I am not exactly thrilled with the car picture/concept either. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t actually claim that it was inspired by the Smartfortwo and Elanor….afterall, it looks like a sporty version of a Scion. If I was told that it was a sporty vesion of a Scion, that it was great on gas, and has a turbo and supercharger (like a VW engine I read about in Popular Science which is supposed to get about 48 miles a gallon), and that it was fast (I like both rice rockets and american muscle cars)…then I would be all for the car.

    As for the japenese chick. I actually think that is the best part of the entire picture ;)

  10. John says :

    Lol, great find. I don’t think it would be proper without a RWD conversion.

    …And the asian chick stays :)

  11. Kris Hoet says :

    Alright John, if you say so ;)

  12. Skip says :

    Keep the girl and lose the car =)

  13. dingle says :

    If this isnt photoshop and is actually real i would be ashamed to say if I built it.
    Yeah okayy photoshop the car and have a laugh but going into the garage and building this thing would be madness.

    I was half way through doing a full museum like expedition on this car with all the pictures and a full scale model of the car (all I could afford) and 6 weeks before opening the doors to everyone my garage burned to the ground leaving all of my work in a big black pile. I was the only 1 that got to see it. As you can probably tell I feel strongly about this car and like in Gone in 60 seconds it brought me bad luck and it took bad luck to whoever thought up this rubbish especially if they actually built it.

  14. onlymustangfords says :

    It’s not big enough to be called Eleanor, should we call it Ellen? El? or just Nor…..

  15. Miguel Kirschenmann says :

    I just started reading your site thanks for writing. I wanted to inform you that its not displaying correctly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Tour). Anyway, I am now subscribed to the RSS feed on my PC, so thanks again!

  16. john says :

    fuck that thats a disgrace to the eleanor and the chink bitch also ruins the picture. and plus those dumb for 2 pieces of shit are worthless

  17. john says :

    sorry ppl but i like the little is what it is(a bit of fun)clearly there is a lot of work that has gone into it.the lass in the pic aint a chink either if you look at seem to me that alot of people on her have no sence of humour and im sure carol shelby would smile at this car.chip foose would look at it on its own merit and most cars copy style and mods from other cars.i love my american muscle cars and i love the 67 GT500’s as much as the next guy but itseem that alot of people have taken offence to this little car but i bet it has brought a smile to the faces of many more.

  18. john says :

    can i also point out that elenor isnt even a proper GT 500.when it was built they changed the suspention,seats,lights,grill,added scoops,lights and even the back lights are from a a lot of you are kicking of about the purety of eleanor for nothing.most people who buy an eleanor are buying a 67-68 mustang fastback made to look like a concept car that was shown in a movie.the original eleanor was a 73 mk1 boss(may have been a cobra jet)mustang in yellow

  19. donnie1967 says :

    When I saw the headline GT 50% what I thought it might be about was this

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