Bullitt remake with Brad Pitt?

Exciting news from the movies and Mustang front as we’ve just heard that there will be a remake of this great classic movie:

“Brad Pitt is said to star in the remake of the 1960’s classic, ‘Bullitt.’ Pitt will take the role of Lt. Frank Bullitt, originally played by Steve McQueen in the 1968 version. According to sources “Brad shares a lot of the same passions as Steve McQueen – including a love of motorbikes and fast cars – so it was a dream role for him.”
The 1968 movie is based around a detective hunting a hitman who killed his fellow officers. The movie was best known for featuring one of the best car chases in theater history as McQueen’s Mustang car speeds through San Francisco.
Pitt was originally sought out for the role since 2003 but the project has now been given the green light.”

As I wrote in ‘A car chase like never before‘ it will be very interesting to see how they are going to top this in the remake, but I’ll go see it for sure.

One question maybe. Will it be a remake with the old classic Mustang or will it be (like the writer of the news suggests) with the new 2008 Mustang?


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