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#13: Unlock a Mustang

It’s all over the news the last few days: a 17-year-old – named George Hotz – has unlocked the iPhone. Quite a few people are waiting for George to unleash his unlocking code on the internets, but since AT&T’s and Apple’s legal team are after him it’s not sure that’s going to happen soon.

George did find another way to cash in on all those hours figuring out how to unlock it, by trading it in for 3 new iPhones but more importantly also a Nissan 350Z. My first thought? A Nissan?! A Nissan for Christ sake!


Anyway since he proved this works, I figured I found my 13th possibility to get myself that precious classic Mustang I’m after. Just need to unlock the iPhone… HELP. Guess I’ll keep on looking for another way ;)


Remember #9? It works…

just not for me. Although it’s not in Portugal this time and the barn didn’t hold like a zillion oldtimers this time, it looks like someone found a 1965 Shelby GT350 in a barn somewhere in Ohio. The car had been there for 27 years in something that looks like a project that never got off the ground.


It was on auction on Ebay and somebody gave $4.500 for it, but he’ll have his hands full to get this baby running again.

[Via MustangBlog]

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Couldn’t find a car you like here in Germany?

I posted this neat quote already back in January pointing to a commercial that was burried somewhere deep down in the Ford website.

“So, you couldn’t find a car you like here in Germany? No, I couldn’t find a speed limit I liked in America!”

The only reason for posting this again today is that I found the clip on Youtube so much easier for you to enjoy, so here we go:

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#12: Wazzaa!

There is another way I might get my Mustang, although I’ll need to find an awfull lot of free time to begin with and a lot of drinking is involved as well… although that’s less of a problem ;) The downside, even if I were to finish this ‘project’ I couldn’t exactly drive away with it. Here’s what it’s all about:

Art and Design student Jack Kirby from the University of Hertfordshire in England collected some 5,000 Budweiser beer cans to create a replica of a 1965 Ford Mustang. His inspiration for this project was an online contest by Bud to give away a real 65 Mustang.


I’ll better start drinking, I’m thinking mine should be made of Stella Artois though.

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