Couldn’t find a car you like here in Germany?

I posted this neat quote already back in January pointing to a commercial that was burried somewhere deep down in the Ford website.

“So, you couldn’t find a car you like here in Germany? No, I couldn’t find a speed limit I liked in America!”

The only reason for posting this again today is that I found the clip on Youtube so much easier for you to enjoy, so here we go:

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3 responses to “Couldn’t find a car you like here in Germany?”

  1. WildHorseJack says :

    This is a funny commercial.

    A loose translation to german:

    Hat dir kein Auto aus Deutschland gefallen?
    Nein, ich konnte das Tempolimit nicht ausreizen, wie ich es von Amerika gewohnt bin.

  2. george caldwell says :

    I remember when that commercial first aired during the super bowl , thought it was the coolest mustang ever . Never saw it again until now .

  3. george caldwell says :

    Coolest mustang commercial I mean .

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