Remember #9? It works…

just not for me. Although it’s not in Portugal this time and the barn didn’t hold like a zillion oldtimers this time, it looks like someone found a 1965 Shelby GT350 in a barn somewhere in Ohio. The car had been there for 27 years in something that looks like a project that never got off the ground.


It was on auction on Ebay and somebody gave $4.500 for it, but he’ll have his hands full to get this baby running again.

[Via MustangBlog]

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4 responses to “Remember #9? It works…”

  1. Cameron says :

    Hey mate,

    Every time i see your site i look at this post. For some reason i have this obsession with barn finds lol, they are intriguing.. wish i could come across some barn finds.. there has to be so many more out there… and to be honest i would snap this one up in a second!

    Top postage!


  2. Kris Hoet says :

    Thanks Cam for stopping by again. Maybe we have to make an agreement that if I hear about a secret barn find in the US you get it, and visa versa ;)

  3. Cameron says :

    hahah well there are rarely any here! so it would be all one-sided.. but sounds good to me :)

  4. Dave says :

    They are still out there. I am an absolute car nut and was wishing I would run accross a good barn find. My buddy ended up buying a SuperBee from a guy about 2 miles from me and it was a completely intact Hemi car with a dime size rust hole in one 1/4 panel and the other panel had been hit but included with the car was an NOS factory 1/4. The car had been sitting since the 70’s. The car has been completly restored and sold.

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