#13: Unlock a Mustang

It’s all over the news the last few days: a 17-year-old – named George Hotz – has unlocked the iPhone. Quite a few people are waiting for George to unleash his unlocking code on the internets, but since AT&T’s and Apple’s legal team are after him it’s not sure that’s going to happen soon.

George did find another way to cash in on all those hours figuring out how to unlock it, by trading it in for 3 new iPhones but more importantly also a Nissan 350Z. My first thought? A Nissan?! A Nissan for Christ sake!


Anyway since he proved this works, I figured I found my 13th possibility to get myself that precious classic Mustang I’m after. Just need to unlock the iPhone… HELP. Guess I’ll keep on looking for another way ;)


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