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Post-It Stang

This is what happens when when you mess with a gamer chick ;) Full story at Gamerscore.


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Mod shop

I wanted to post this not so much for the news behind it, but just because I liked the raw power showed in the picture that accompanied the article: a classic Tasca Ford dragster.

Ford Motorsports History


Mustang for the cause

Yesterday I received a comment from Suzanne Vanderhoef about a project that definitely deserves some extra attention.

RIDEMAKERZ™ along with legendary car designer Chip Foose, are auctioning off five MAKERZ Edition Ford Mustangs on Ebay to benefit the Progeria Research Foundation.


These 5 very special cars, approximately 1:18 scale, with custom painted ABS plastic bodies, were personally selected by Chip from our “MAKERZ EDITION” of just 100 Mustangs, which were not for sale but were given to our employees and friends to commemorate the new RIDEMAKERZ SHOP opening at Mall of America this past July.


Chip, who is on the board of RIDEMAKERZ, selected the 5 numbers for auction [67, 68, 05, 06, & 07], for their SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE in the history of the Ford Mustang:

  • Numbers 67 and 68 were selected by Chip because he considers these years as the Mustang’s finest and they were the inspiration for the Ford designers when they designed the new Muscle Car-inspired Mustang GT.
  • Numbers 05, 06 and 07 were selected by Chip as the years of the reemergence of these Mustangs.

So Mustang lovers – because I guess this is what keeps you coming here – what keeps you waiting: it’s a Mustang and for the cause. Place your bid ;)

#14: The legend lives

This should probably be more like a 13 1/2 rather than a 14th try to get myself a Mustang. Let’s say this should get me closer to the Mustang experience so that’s why I figured it counts somehow ;)

A while ago I found out there’s actually an Xbox/PS2 game for the 40th anniversary of the Mustang, called ‘The Legend Lives’. So maybe this was an opportunity to practice my Mustang driver skills so that by the time I finally will own one, I’m all set.


Here’s what they say on Gamespot about this game:

“Affordably priced, the venerated Ford Mustang’s latest namesake game otherwise misfires all the way down the track–suffering from sloppy physics, plodding navigation, dated graphics, and an uninspiring “career” mode.

And on top of that, Gamespot gives it a 4.4 score, calling it nothing more but ‘poor’. Don’t think it’ll make it to the next Ford Mustang history write up.

Mach 1

“… thundering along far ahead of the pack”! No more “Only Mustang makes it happen” for this commercial of the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1. It wouldn’t fit either on this ‘special sports performance’ all American muscle car. Enjoy!

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