#14: The legend lives

This should probably be more like a 13 1/2 rather than a 14th try to get myself a Mustang. Let’s say this should get me closer to the Mustang experience so that’s why I figured it counts somehow ;)

A while ago I found out there’s actually an Xbox/PS2 game for the 40th anniversary of the Mustang, called ‘The Legend Lives’. So maybe this was an opportunity to practice my Mustang driver skills so that by the time I finally will own one, I’m all set.


Here’s what they say on Gamespot about this game:

“Affordably priced, the venerated Ford Mustang’s latest namesake game otherwise misfires all the way down the track–suffering from sloppy physics, plodding navigation, dated graphics, and an uninspiring “career” mode.

And on top of that, Gamespot gives it a 4.4 score, calling it nothing more but ‘poor’. Don’t think it’ll make it to the next Ford Mustang history write up.


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