Mustang for the cause

Yesterday I received a comment from Suzanne Vanderhoef about a project that definitely deserves some extra attention.

RIDEMAKERZ™ along with legendary car designer Chip Foose, are auctioning off five MAKERZ Edition Ford Mustangs on Ebay to benefit the Progeria Research Foundation.


These 5 very special cars, approximately 1:18 scale, with custom painted ABS plastic bodies, were personally selected by Chip from our “MAKERZ EDITION” of just 100 Mustangs, which were not for sale but were given to our employees and friends to commemorate the new RIDEMAKERZ SHOP opening at Mall of America this past July.


Chip, who is on the board of RIDEMAKERZ, selected the 5 numbers for auction [67, 68, 05, 06, & 07], for their SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE in the history of the Ford Mustang:

  • Numbers 67 and 68 were selected by Chip because he considers these years as the Mustang’s finest and they were the inspiration for the Ford designers when they designed the new Muscle Car-inspired Mustang GT.
  • Numbers 05, 06 and 07 were selected by Chip as the years of the reemergence of these Mustangs.

So Mustang lovers – because I guess this is what keeps you coming here – what keeps you waiting: it’s a Mustang and for the cause. Place your bid ;)


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7 responses to “Mustang for the cause”

  1. Mike says :

    I saw Chip on the Barrett Jackson Auction. He had a specially made Mustang….at least that is what is my memory…maybe I am miss-remembering. Anyway, I just love the work that Chip Foose does. I wish I had the $$ to bid on one of these cars. I do disagree on his choice of best design Mustangs. The 65-66 was the best. Not just because they were the first, or that I own one, but the styling just makes me melt. Sorry for my female side coming out, but I just love them….!!!! Mike

  2. monica waloven says :

    omg that is like one of the best looking mustangs around

  3. samantha says :

    that is a awesome car i want that

  4. LI3N says :

    i frk3n lov3 mustangz thtz so s3xii

  5. trevor timmens says :

    im suppose 2 help my dad with a 70’s model GMC and i wont it to look nice for my dad can you help me fix it up and how much will it cost after words?

  6. loir morgan says :

    this is awesome i love mustangs i am a big fan of them i would love to own one. mine would be a 1970 429 boss gt fastback omg that would great. i have always wanted one. so yes let me know what yoiu think

  7. fahad ali says :

    i need the rates of mustang applied for the registration

    i need nos gas in it & their rates with violet & indigo colours

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