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Shelby GT 350

Jeremy Clarkson consistently describes the Mustang as a platform as it was the first car that you could get in different styles: fastback, coupe, convertible, … and which offered quite a few options as well. And that was before even Carroll Shelby added his version to the list: the GT350. The May 1965 issue of Road & Track head their road test article like this:

“Shelby-American transforms Ford’s gentle little colt into a roaring, snorting stallion.”

I said it already, I don’t know much about cars but this definitely is one of the most compelling versions of the Mustang ever made. According to this classic ad there are plenty of differences between the Shelby GT 350 and the Mustang, and plenty seems to mean 13 to be exact ;)


Anyway, an image says more than a thousand words but I still prefer a photo instead of a drawing (ad or no ad).


Yeah, you can give me one of those anytime ;)


StangNet Top 100

I just added a new button in the sidebar of this blog which is something I found at the 67 Mustang Blog from my Australian Mustang friend Cameron. I already had a little traffic counter on this blog, but this one looks more like an ‘official’ counter for Mustang blogs including a little voting feature for the StangNet Top 100 of Mustang websites so I just thought I’d give it a go. Maybe I attract new visitors by doing so.

So if you think this blog is a good read, then vote for me if you want but definitely keep coming ;) And if you came here via the Top 100, welcome to you!

The noise. Fantastic!

A couple of months ago I wanted to share a video with you where Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) drives a classic 1968 Ford Mustang GT390 but unfortunately the video was removed before I could do so. Since then I’ve been searching for it on all search engines and all major online video sites but without any result. Today, while testing out the new Live Search to see if it had indeed improved (disclaimer: I work for Windows Live) … I found it! So finally, after many months of waiting here’s a brilliant piece of Top Gear all Mustang lovers will definitely enjoy:

“Here we go…. that’s the noise! You can cruise in this car and you can go fast in a straight line… and that’s it. (hehehe) Don’t get me wrong though, this is brilliant!” – Jeremy Clarkson

Skip through the first part of you don’t want to wait for this classic bit, which starts somewhere halfway through the video.

Note: this is probably already the 4th or 5th time I have to search again for this clip as Youtube keeps deleting it

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