Shelby GT 350

Jeremy Clarkson consistently describes the Mustang as a platform as it was the first car that you could get in different styles: fastback, coupe, convertible, … and which offered quite a few options as well. And that was before even Carroll Shelby added his version to the list: the GT350. The May 1965 issue of Road & Track head their road test article like this:

“Shelby-American transforms Ford’s gentle little colt into a roaring, snorting stallion.”

I said it already, I don’t know much about cars but this definitely is one of the most compelling versions of the Mustang ever made. According to this classic ad there are plenty of differences between the Shelby GT 350 and the Mustang, and plenty seems to mean 13 to be exact ;)


Anyway, an image says more than a thousand words but I still prefer a photo instead of a drawing (ad or no ad).


Yeah, you can give me one of those anytime ;)


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