Mustang is the new KITT

I know it’s been pretty quiet around here… I have been on holiday but I’m back for more Mustang now ;)

It’s no surprise to you that I’m a Mustang fan but when I read this news at MustangBlog I didn’t think of it as a good idea. Apparently the new Shelby GT500KR will feature as KITT in the new Knight Rider TV series. Thinking of the original KITT it doesn’t feel like both cars even compare, but I’m probably just getting old.


What I do hope though is that David Hasselhoff gets the same treat in this new series, that would be good.


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5 responses to “Mustang is the new KITT”

  1. Jean-louis says :

    Stop dreaming about it, just buy your ’65 Mustang.

    – dollar is low
    – transportation costs are low
    – dont forget: 10% import duties + VAT!
    – you work at microsoft: what is your “risk”…?

    Anyway, Be hungry. Be foolish. (Steve Jobs)

    I drive daily (Belgium) with imported (German) oldtimer sports cars, imported from California.


  2. Kris Hoet says :

    Well JL – Other priorities, so the Mustang will have to wait a little. But you can tell me once how you arrange the transportation though since you seem to have that one sorted out well.

    Not sure how working for Microsoft makes it less ‘risky’… we’re not all BillG you know ;)

  3. b-. says :

    Good choice for the classic one. :-)
    If you have to go modern, this would be my choice.

  4. Car says :

    that car just looks great, here is also a mustang Video with fantastic sound

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