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Amazing Mustang drawing

Take a look at this Mustang drawing made by the Drawing Studio, 13 hours of drawing shown in one minute. Pretty cool stuff.


Check out the video here.

[Via Maarten Schenk]

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Yummie! (2)

I showed you once what my perfect Mustang looks like, here’s yet another example of my dream car.

Oldtimertreff Saalhausen 2007 - Ford Mustang I

Credits to Lucky Luc 512 for the image, there’s more of the same at his Flickr account.

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#15: Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat

And no, I still haven’t got my classic Mustang yet. I should have been around in ’66 because even if I wouldn’t have been able to buy one then, at least I could have rented a very cool one.

In 1966 rental company Hertz struck a special deal with Ford to produce a special line of GT350’s for rent, called the GT350H. Only a 1000 were made and are quite hard to find these days.


Now that’s what I call a rental, see some cool pics here. Last year Ford introduced the 2006 version of the GT350H so I could rent one today as well, that is if I were to live in the US (which is not the case). The thing is though, that it really is that classic Mustang that does it for me ;)

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