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#16: In da hood

They say that hanging out with the right people is always a good place to start to get what you want. Now since we all know that what I want is that good old vintage Mustang, I’ve decided to hang out in the Mustang neighborhood. I’m not sure if this is the right strategy in a hood like this, but we’ll see.

It was Marc Bresseel, a colleague of mine, who made me aware of the Ebay Neighborhoods project when he was talking about shopping and social navigation. It seems like the perfect integration indeed between selling a product and building a community around it. Now I probably won’t be that active as a member in this case, as buying one is not an option (as I told you long time ago). And I’m not going to be buying just some random parts to be part of the Neighborhood either :)


But as a Mustang fan, you still might want to check it out if you haven’t done so already. Mustang forums, reviews, images, … and of course auctions all on one page. Nice work from Ebay, check it out.



Happy birthday ‘I blog Mustang’

I can hardly believe it myself, but it’s indeed already one year ago that I started this new blog. As I said in the introduction a year ago “this blog is a combination of some of my interests & passions”. This is the place where I mix my interests in new media, marketing and technology with the passion of that fascinating car, the ’65-’67 Ford Mustang.

Even more difficult to believe are some of the results. The growth in traffic to this blog has been totally different from my other blog (‘Cross The Breeze) and a lot faster. The interaction is different, the audience is different, … which makes it all the more interesting. Nice to know fact (at least for me) is that last year’s effort brought me on the n°4 spot on StangNet, which is basically the online community for Mustang enthusiast. And yes, I’m quite a bit proud of that.

In the meantime, this blog was about a quest to get myself a classic Mustang one day and since I haven’t succeeded yet, the quest will have to continue. So far I’ve looked into 15 ways to get my hands on one, and no I didn’t find a barn yet in Portugal, nor was I able to perform like one once did with a little red paperclip. I did get some advertising offers, but since most were about requests to post review of other websites without clear links to Mustangs or other, I didn’t accept them… although I’m always open for healthy offerings ;)

Anyway, thanks to all readers for visiting this blog and hopefully you’ll be coming back some more in the future. And if there’s anything you’d like to see more or less this year, feel free to tell me in the comments. Happy new Mustang year y’all.


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