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Bullitt Mustang

I’m really a classic Mustang guy, you know the ’65 to ’69 models, those are just fantastic. After that I always found it went downhill, with an absolute low with especially the 3rd and 4th generation of Mustangs. Luckily, Ford realized that (it just took some time) and the 5th generation Mustang is again a car worth the Mustang label. Something I said before and which we all know anyway I guess.

Still, it’s the classic Mustang that I’ve started this blog for, that’s the one I want. Thinking of myself driving a Bullitt-like Mustang one day, makes my day ;) The Mustang Bullitt at the other hand is also a great example of Ford recognizing it’s Mustang roots again and doing something great with it.

Yesterday I saw this video on the Mustang Bullitt and like I mentioned a little in my earlier post I got to admit that again Ford managed to build a mean machine here. But not only that, what amazed me most while watching was the fact that they tuned the exhaust for instance to mimic the sound in the original Bullitt movie. It’s a small thing, but I found it way too cool.


And all of this for $31.000 (and up of course) that’s not bad at all. Although we probably can’t get it in Europe, that’s only little more than €21.000 today! Well, my birthday is coming up, so if you haven’t figured out yet what you will send me, this Mustang Bullitt sounds like a good idea :)


Winding Road

A friend (and fellow car enthusiast) sent me a link to an article in the online magazine Winding Road. The article was a review of the new Ford Mustang Bullitt, on sale now at your Ford dealer (in the US that is).


As a result I have to email him back ‘thanks but not thanks’. It’s a great article about a great car and now it just looks like I don’t only have to get myself the classic Bullitt Mustang, but also the new one. Like if my problems weren’t big enough already to get just one Mustang :)

The good part about it is that this free online Winding Road magazine is pretty nice and something other car enthusiast will definitely agree on. So if you hadn’t heard about it yet, take a look now.

Ford Mustang Trike

Now I bet that’s a model you haven’t heard of yet, but it’s real. Take a look at this 1967 Ford Mustang Trike that’s up for ‘grabs’ on Ebay. I’d rather people don’t cut classic Mustangs in two, but must the creator at least had a pretty original reason to do so.


More images at

The day I buy my Mustang

… it’ll be in the US, and not in Europe. At least that’s for sure. Last weekend I went to Flanders Collection Car 2008, the classic car show in Flanders Expo (Ghent – that’s in Belgium), and there were a few Mustangs for sale. There were only few Mustangs there unfortunately, and they were expensive. This one for instance was a nice convertible, pretty much all original, and was on sale for €34.000 now that’s almost $51.000! Think about the Mustang you can get in the US for that, transportation costs included.

Mustang convertible

That said, they’re not all as expensive as this one. Looking at my favorite importer for classic cars in Belgium, it still seems most Mustangs average a cost of €15.000 – €17.500. I couldn’t help noticing how much of them are ‘sold’ already though, Mustang getting even more popular now?

Anyway, in 4 weeks now, it’s time for the Antwerp Classic Salon which I’ll got to as well. It’s better then the exhibition in Ghent and usually has quite a few Mustangs on display (as well as other great US and European classics of course). Let me know if you’ll be there as well, maybe we could do a photowalk?

More photos (but not a lot) on my Flickr account.

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