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I’m really a classic Mustang guy, you know the ’65 to ’69 models, those are just fantastic. After that I always found it went downhill, with an absolute low with especially the 3rd and 4th generation of Mustangs. Luckily, Ford realized that (it just took some time) and the 5th generation Mustang is again a car worth the Mustang label. Something I said before and which we all know anyway I guess.

Still, it’s the classic Mustang that I’ve started this blog for, that’s the one I want. Thinking of myself driving a Bullitt-like Mustang one day, makes my day ;) The Mustang Bullitt at the other hand is also a great example of Ford recognizing it’s Mustang roots again and doing something great with it.

Yesterday I saw this video on the Mustang Bullitt and like I mentioned a little in my earlier post I got to admit that again Ford managed to build a mean machine here. But not only that, what amazed me most while watching was the fact that they tuned the exhaust for instance to mimic the sound in the original Bullitt movie. It’s a small thing, but I found it way too cool.


And all of this for $31.000 (and up of course) that’s not bad at all. Although we probably can’t get it in Europe, that’s only little more than €21.000 today! Well, my birthday is coming up, so if you haven’t figured out yet what you will send me, this Mustang Bullitt sounds like a good idea :)


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29 responses to “Bullitt Mustang”

  1. Ed Ross says :

    We put a $500 deposit down on a Bullitt in November, 2007. It was scheduled to be built yesterday, 3/10/2008. We should have it later this month, after the paint cures and it’s shipped to our dealer. If you are interested I’ll give you my impressions when we get it.

  2. Ed Ross says :

    My e-mail address is e_ross@wowway.com

  3. Kris Hoet says :

    @Ed: Yeah definitely tell me about your impressions you lucky b…. ;) I’ll send you an email as well

  4. Ed Ross says :

    We picked it up on March 18. The weather has been pretty bad here (3-6 inches of snow expected tonight) north of Detroit, Michigan, warmer weather coming in April.

    We took it out last weekend. It runs great, like it’s on rails. It feels very solid and the exhaust sound is awesome. We picked it up with 14 miles on the odometer so I haven’t driven it hard (we now have 34 miles). It looks great, I think the number is 3436, I looked at it briefly before we covered it.

    The car doesn’t have many of options that I’ve gotten used to on new cars like auto on/off headlights, door opener etc.

    We also have 1965 Mustang convertible, poppy red, black interior, 389 4V, automatic and a 2004 Thunderbird as toys.

    We got the Bullitt at the sticker price, and were told that there were no incentives available.

  5. Ed Ross says :

    I re-read my e-mail – 65 mustang is 289 4V (not the 389 GTO that I’ve always wanted).

  6. Just Me says :

    Bought a Bullitt 3 days ago.

    Runs nice. Good handling. Nice sound.

    Excellent accelleration.

    The Ford literature says it can go up to 153mph, but I have not had the chance to run it fast yet. I’ll wait until I get more comfortable with it. Plus here in the U.S. there are few oppurtunities to run fast. Based upon my prior experience with Mustangs, I suspect it will get up to 153, but will start feeling very light somewhere past 130mph.

    Best thing so far about the car. (and why I bought it)

    It has capabilities without any useless flash. It is understated, but capable.

  7. Just Me says :

    One complaint about the car (after only about 800 miles of driving it) – still have not figured it out yet.

    My right knee presses against the center of the drivers cockpit. It’s a little irritating. You have to reposition your right leg. It’s not much of a problem if you are using cruise control, but if you your right foot is on the gas pedal for a while (like while in traffic or on a curvey road) it can be unconfortable.

    Maybe I have to keep on readjusting the seat fix it.

  8. Kris Hoet says :

    Thanks Ed and JustMe for sharing your Bullitt experience – keep it coming!

  9. JD says :

    Considering buying 2008 Bullitt. With the changes in the ’09 Mustangs, don’t know if getting the Bullitt is worthwhile. Any comments from the experts?

  10. Laura says :

    I grew up will mustangs. My absolute favourite was my dad’s “69 fastback with 302. Since my teens I have wanted my own but because of circumstances (house, children etc.)a mustang just was not in the cards. That changed this February and my new 2008 Bullitt sat in the drive for 1 and 1/2 months before the weather improved enough to drive it. I am soooo happy with it. I have waited a long time, I’m closing in on 50. I can’t help but to smile whenever I drive it. I love the understated appearance and what is quietly hidden under the hood. Like Ed Ross I was also told there were no incentives for this car but that didn’t stop me anyway. Look, I’m smiling just talking about my new toy.

  11. Kris Hoet says :

    Thanks for sharing Laura, I can imagine how you feel and I’m smiling just reading about it :)

  12. Korey Flinn says :

    Hi! I just found your site. I’m the proud owner of 08 bullit Highland Green #1911… I’m a firearms guy, so I thought that was kind of cool (famous .45 you know?). I’ve driven and owned an 07 v6 and gt/cs mustang. But, the bullitt was what I was waiting for…

    The car feels so much tighter than any other ford produced s197 on the road. It handles on rails and will keep you pinned to the seat at full throttle all the way up to the 6500 redline. There is a small drop in felt power from 2200-2400 rpm, but it comes right back. Much like the 01, the torque curve is completely different, giving you much more power where most drivers need it. This is an enthusiast’s car, but it’s built to be enjoyed on the publc streets. It’s comfortable and a pleasure to drive. The shifter for the 08 s197 stangs, starting with the bullitt is still a longer throw, but it’s a tight shifter… no more slop.

    Don’t go by what is on the paper… it’s a different mustang, and one that truly is a great car. I just bought an 01 bullitt to sit beside it as my daily driver… but I will drive both a lot. I’m hooked.


  13. Kris Hoet says :

    The more I read about you all talking about the Bullitt, the more I’m thinking there might actually be one new generation Mustang that I really really want… keep ’em coming.

  14. Doug says :

    I am considering buying a 2008 Bullitt Mustang. It is almost
    July 2008, and the local Ford dealer has 6 in stock. With gas
    at $4.00/gal, I don’t think these are hard to get and I hear
    dealerships are discounting. You can run regular or premium gas and the car has a censor to detect what kind of gas you are running. If it detects premium, it will advance the timing
    automatically. My question to any Bullitt owners: Does this
    seem to work O.K. ? No problem with knocking on regular?
    Can you tell a difference in performance running premium?
    Thanks and congratulations on your Bullitts !!!


  15. Drew says :

    Hi everyone, I’m planning on purchasing a Bullitt in the next two weeks. I have a question though. Which color will have the better resale? Black is always very desirable – close to the top whereas green is not. However, green is the authentic Bullitt color, and unique among Mustangs…

    Truth is, I’m not crazy about either color (I rather wish it came in ‘Alloy’) though I am crazy about how this car moves.


  16. Laura says :

    Hello there, My Bullitt has been put away for the winter and I was just on the Canadian Ford dealership and did not find any Bullitts on their website. I checked out surrounding dealships and did not find any Bullitts again. The Bullitt is still on the American website. Does anyone know if the 1700 Bullitts marked for sale in Canada have all been sold. Just curious if Canada has sold out.

  17. Laura says :

    Opps! I just read my comment dated Jan.2, 2009 and realised I typed 1700 instead of 700 Mustang Bullitt for sale in Canada. Does anyone know if all the cars ear-marked for sale in Canada have sold?

  18. Scott Monty says :

    Still waiting to hear back from our Mustang brand management team. Will let you know when I know.

  19. Laura says :

    Kris and Scott, thanks for investigation Canadian Bullitts for me. I look forward to seeing a post soon,


    • Laura says :

      Hi there, I’m just touching base again!!!! I don’t see a response yet. Any idea on the sales stats for both the US and Canadian sales. Kind of like to know how close they got to selling out on this Limited edition. I am still loving my car…in Green…would not have bought it in any other colour! It makes me smile whenever I drive it. It is in storage now for the winter but am looking forward to the spring to get it out again!!

  20. CK says :

    I know these posts are from a few months back but there are still some here in Texas and Ford can likely ship some up. I bought a Bullit in Dec. and its well worth it. Probably the best vehicle I have ever had and a darn cool one too.

  21. Linda says :

    Just bought a 2008 Bullitt (black). It had 796 miles on it when I purchased it. Can anyone clarify the fuel requirements for me? Would running it on 87 octane (regular) gas for long periods of time compromise the engine parts? Will use premium as much as possible.
    I’d appreciate any help you can give me on this!
    I do love this car. I’d traded my ’08 Mustang v6. I can return the Bullitt tomorrow for full refund, & retrieve my v6. I’d really hate to have to part w/ this amazing car, though. I think the price was good. It just feels so new. It’s #4206.
    Thanks again!

  22. Birthday Cards Free says :

    What a good read. Thanks.

  23. Manuel says :

    I have been looking to purchase a 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt. I been trying to get some more current feedback on the this car. I wonder that after 2 yrs in the road how people feels about it… I found one local w/ 14k miles… I checked KBB site for pricing, but i will like heard opinions for those that owned one…

    Please help make a decision… you feedback is appreciated… thx

  24. jant says :

    Hi everyone, I’m planning on purchasing a Bullitt in the next two weeks. I have a question though. Which color will have the better resale? Black is always very desirable – close to the top whereas green is not. However, green is the authentic Bullitt color, and unique among Mustangs…

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