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My desktop

I once wrote about a photographer who took some brilliant classic car pictures… and on occasion he – Djivy – takes some Mustang pictures as well and they almost always make it to my desktop as nice background. Also looking for the right Mustang background, other than what you can find on the more regular Mustang sources, check out these below:

Antwerp Classic Salon xxxvii

Antwerp Classic Salon vii

Both photos were taken at the Antwerp Classic Salon, which I visit as well every year but it looks like there’s still room for improvement for me ;) Here are my sets of the Antwerp Classic Salon and the Ghent Classic Salon. Let me know what you think and definitely let me know if you can point me to other great Mustang photographers.


The Bertone Mustang

My buddy Cameron of the 67 Mustang blog did a great find recently of an early Mustang prototype designed by the famous Italian car designer Bertone. The reason for this design was apparently because the immediate success of the early Mustang in the US wasn’t followed in Europe. Therefore a more European design seemed appropriate and Bertone was contacted for it. Ford liked the design very much and showed it on the New York Motor Show but it never got into production. Neither does anyone know the whereabouts of the Bertone Mustang either. More details on the story here.


My take? It looks like a very nice and modern design especially considering when it was created, but apart from the Mustang logo it doesn’t look like a Mustang to me at all. Still nice design Bertone.

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