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I once wrote about a photographer who took some brilliant classic car pictures… and on occasion he – Djivy – takes some Mustang pictures as well and they almost always make it to my desktop as nice background. Also looking for the right Mustang background, other than what you can find on the more regular Mustang sources, check out these below:

Antwerp Classic Salon xxxvii

Antwerp Classic Salon vii

Both photos were taken at the Antwerp Classic Salon, which I visit as well every year but it looks like there’s still room for improvement for me ;) Here are my sets of the Antwerp Classic Salon and the Ghent Classic Salon. Let me know what you think and definitely let me know if you can point me to other great Mustang photographers.


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9 responses to “My desktop”

  1. Jake says :

    Awesome shot! I love the steering wheel picture… Very nice angle shot… :D

  2. eS says :

    Wow, very nice pictures!
    Plus, the one with the steering wheel leaves the perfect space for Mac OSX icons, wich, unlike windows ones, are on the right! ;-)

  3. Kris Hoet says :

    The steering wheel picture is indeed the nicest of all, perfect desktop shot… and even better on the Mac as it seems :)

  4. boogiepeter says :

    Wow, nice pic of the Steeringwheel…

  5. sorrentolens says :

    Kris — the steering wheel photo is “art” auto art. Its a great photo.

  6. Mike says :

    Man, man. Glad I found this blog. Can we have fun! I bought my first Mustang, a ’66 coupe, in 1968. Red 6 cylinder. Was that ever a fun car! Just loved it and was very sorry to see it go when my family grew bigger. Five years ago my wife and I decided it was time to get our next Stang. We began looking and drove about an hour away to see a “basket” case Mustang. But! Great news! His wife was going to sell her Mustang. I made an offer and drove it home! 64 1/2 with a 289 High performance engine. It had been built up about 12 years prior to our buying it and still stood pretty tall. Just needed some TLC and I could do that!! Stop by my site and take a look. Red!! Has to be red.
    I added headers, a custom exhaust, Flowmaster mufflers-ohhh the sound! I am doing a bit more this spring. New rear springs that will add to the air shocks I have in the back, and gas shocks and new springs up front. A few other nice features were added, like an in the dash cup holder! I need a cup holder!!
    Anyway, if you would like, please write back to my address above. I hope you like my site. I will be getting some good pictures of Mustangs at our first West Michigan Mustang Club event in a few weeks. Mike

  7. oldschoolcars says :

    so good to see your providing some excelent content. great blog :-)

  8. Djivy says :

    I’ll try to fix you guys up with high-res-versions of the steering wheel shot somewhere in the near future. Will have to dive in the archives for that one.

    Keep up your photog work, Kris – you’ll get there for sure!

  9. Brian says :

    Great pictures I own a mustang parts website and I was wondering if you could tell me who took your pictures. I need some taken of my new 2007 G.T. 500 KR UM Good

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