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#18: Legostang

Check this out – so you know what to do when you really got some time on your hands.

“Man builds 1967 Mustang out of Legos complete with real suspension, shaker hood, doors and a model V8 engine. The Lego creation also features working gears and a removable body. If you look at it long enough you can tell it’s a Mustang.”

This execution also provides me with an idea to finally get that much wanted classic Mustang. Maybe I should buy a truckload of Lego and build my own Legostang, but then actual size. Although, now I think of it, I would probably need so much Lego that it’s probably cheaper to actually buy a real one. Let alone the time and skills I would need to do this… which (trust me) I don’t have.

So Kudos to this guy for building this small but inspiring Lego creation. Here’s a video of it, check it out.


Bullitt Mustang (2)

My buddy Cameron points to a recent Autoblog review of the 2008 Bullit Mustang which they were able to test.


It’s nice to see the video Autoblog made of this but I must say there’s something that I find more interesting. A recent post I did about the Bullitt Mustang sparked a little commentary from 2 Bullitt owners about their experience with the car. Amazing. Make sure you check out the comments of this post and see what ‘Ed Ross‘ and ‘Just me‘ think of their first days and weeks with the Bullitt. Thanks guys!

When I think of the passion we all share I still wonder if really was the best Ford could come up with.

Eleanor The Second?

Eleanor has competition with the Obsidian SG-1” titled Jalopnik recently. Although the Obsidian is pretty sure a piece of art when talking about custom cars, Eleanor was – through the movie of course – a lot more of a symbol than just a custom car. Or something :) Anyway what do you think of the Obsidian SG-1 and how it compares to Eleanor? Let me know in the comments.


Find more images at Jalopnik.

#17: Mustang GRID

Mustangs seem to be a popular prize. AllFordMustangs made a wrap-up recently of competitions that featured a Ford Mustang as a prize. And although all competitions are US only, there’s one that caught my eye, the GRID competition. GRID is the name of the newest addition of Codemasters‘ TOCA/DTM series.


Why did it caught my eye? It combines 2 passions – race games on the Xbox and the classic Mustang. That you can actually win at classic Mustang GT is an extra interesting bonus… if I would have lived in the US. For the record you can win a BMW in Europe, not half as interesting really.

So what can you do to participate? Download the demo of the game and look for the competition in the Time Attack mode. The top five players will be flown to the GRID launch event to San Francisco. The grand winner wins an eBay Motors-branded Ford Mustang GT-R. The contest ends May 25, 2008.

“The eBay Motors Ford Mustang GT-R is modified with a custom body kit. It has a supercharged engine with 445 hp, a side ported exhaust system, 20” GTR concept wheels, and a six stage custom pearl paint job and – of course – eBay Motors’ graphics.”

So for all of you US gaming Mustang lovers – what are you waiting for?!

Mustang Transformer

Remember this ad for Citroen? Then you will pretty sure enjoy this one for Chevrolet! But then of course, this one rules them all. Well it’s not exactly an ad, but just because, you know :)

[Via Bnox]

More Mustang AdClassix

I wrote about the AdClassix website before, and although it has never been the idea to show you every single Mustang ad that is one there, I wanted to share these 1968 Cobra GT print ads with you.

“Caroll Shelby COBRA GT… for the man who wants everything in one car.”


“Shelby COBRA GT performance is built-in, not tacked on.”

It seems like these cutaways were pretty popular at Shelby back then, thinking back about the Shelby GT 350 post I once did.


Classic advertising for classic cars, can it get any better than this? ;)

Ford Performance

Coinciding with the 44th birthday of the Mustang, Ford launched a new web initiative called to reach out to and connect with Ford enthusiasts, albeit mainly focused on the performance cars. I think it’s fair to say I’m somewhat of a Ford enthusiast so that appealed to me.


It took me a while before I got time to check out this new site, but I did today and must say I was disappointed. It was nothing like I thought it would be, and probably could be. The site features the 3 main clubs such as the International Mustang Bullit Owners Club or the Mustang Club of America and also their events.

There’s a short section on the different Ford models that fit in this initiative, but no new insights unfortunately. Think about some of the backstory that could have featured here on how these cars came about, the people behind them etc… But no, nothing of that, just some specs on each car.

Then there’s a section on performance parts which just links of to and finally there’s the cool stuff section (which I check out first I must admit) which is more like a tiny little web shop to buy Mustang posters or a GT500 owners cerficate. How cool is that?

For cars such as the Mustang and the passion of their drivers and owners in general, this sites is nothing more than a portal to the 3 partner clubs and the online parts store. And if you’re a regular visitor of this site, and thus share some of the passion, I guess you understand just as much as I do that there is so much more they could have done to reach out to and connect with this community.

Bummer Ford. Back to the drawing board I would say and next time don’t just talk to the clubs, I bet they got what they wanted. Talk to owners and enthusiasts like myself, people who do the actual evangelism, whether they own one or not.

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