#18: Legostang

Check this out – so you know what to do when you really got some time on your hands.

“Man builds 1967 Mustang out of Legos complete with real suspension, shaker hood, doors and a model V8 engine. The Lego creation also features working gears and a removable body. If you look at it long enough you can tell it’s a Mustang.”

This execution also provides me with an idea to finally get that much wanted classic Mustang. Maybe I should buy a truckload of Lego and build my own Legostang, but then actual size. Although, now I think of it, I would probably need so much Lego that it’s probably cheaper to actually buy a real one. Let alone the time and skills I would need to do this… which (trust me) I don’t have.

So Kudos to this guy for building this small but inspiring Lego creation. Here’s a video of it, check it out.


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