Mustang Blue

After my Mustang for Men (2) post something interesting happened, and quite frankly something I didn’t expect at all. In this post I wrote about the new Estee Lauder frangrance carrying the Mustang brand, and how I think it’s nice and all but also how I didn’t buy the sales pitch. So to be clear, I wasn’t very impressed.

That changed quickly though and I’ll tell you why. Not even 2 or 3 hours after I posted this, Tracy Royal from Estee left this comment. As a geek marketer that alone impressed me already quite a bit, still today only few brands engage in social media and Estee was definitely not amongst them (at least to what I had seen so far). Anyway, I sent Tracy an email with my address and a week later I received a delivery from Estee:

Estee2_adpt   Estee1

Now all of this is not very expensive for a company to do but nevertheless it still is very impressive. So what about the fragrance itself? It’s not bad actually. It ain’t extremely special but I don’t think it should be either, I’ll use it. And trust me, if it were shit I would have told you just the same you know, that’s the right I keep to myself on this blog.

So Tracy, you impressed me with your swift reply on my post and the Mustang Blue fragrance is pretty alright, allow me to make one suggestion to you though. I still don’t buy the marketing/PR piece you created, I think it’s too fabricated, it’s not real enough. “The Mustang fragrance had a tremendous reception from Mustang fans as well as others who appreciate the iconic American brand”… don’t say so, show me. And maybe some more pro-active outreach in the online Mustang communities would have been good as well. Anyway, your interaction with me was very real though, and that makes a lot of difference. Respect.


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