#19: NavStang for a year

I’ve written about competitions before in which you could win a Mustang, but never before have their competitions like these that would take place in Belgium, so I would actually be eligible for it. Today that has changed :)

Pioneer has launched a competition recently in which you can win a 2008 Mustang V.6 for a year (petrol included) with their navgate competition. The navgate is Pioneer’s hi-end navigation system including 3D imagery, entertainment management, etc etc. The site also features a cool movie called ‘Mustang & Pioneer: poetry in motion’. Since the site is in Dutch, you need to click on the ‘Kijk: filmpjes!’ link just below the Mustang image once you’ve entered the site. I can’t link to it immediately unfortunately nor do I have the time to see if I can find it on Youtube or other.


Anyway, back to the competition. There’s 3 questions to be answered of which as usual 2 very easy ones and 1 very difficult one. In the last question you need to answer how much kilometers the Mustang (that you can win) will do touring the Pioneer navgate roadshow through Belgium and The Netherlands. You only get the cities where that roadshow will take place and no starting points or anything so I did a quick calculation of what could possibly be the answer but I’ve never had much luck in competitions such as this one so we’ll see. I know you all want me to want this so thanks in advance for the support ;)

Pioneer could actually end my quest for a year! I guess this is the closest chance yet I’ve had to get myself a Mustang. It still ain’t no classic 65-69 Model, but it’ll do you know. It definitely will do.


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2 responses to “#19: NavStang for a year”

  1. Dan says :

    I guess it’s ok if it’s free. But the V6 mustang gives mustangs a bad name.

    If your mustang can be beaten to 60 by a honda accord or a toyota camry, you know there’s a problem.

  2. Kris Hoet says :

    I’ll still be very happy in case I win it and I’m sure I will look a lot better in even the V6 than I do in a Camry :) Point taken though.

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