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Mustang Cruise

What do you do when you want to bring a whole bunch of Mustang Lovers together at one place? What do you do when you want to set up a gathering of motorheads, people that love the sound of raw horsepower, … you get them on a boat!


Now you all know I’m a Mustang addict, there’s nothing I would like to have more than a Mustang and cruise the country with it. I’m not too sure about a Mustang cruise though. And that’s exactly what Catch A Wave Productions (in collaboration with Mustang Club of America and others) is organizing… for the second time nevertheless.

“Celebrating the Pony Car’s 45th Anniversary: Join the 2nd Annual Mustang Lovers’ Cruise to the Caribbean Feb. 1-8, 2009

You’ve cruised the main drag on the weekends in your early days and likely have participated in many a cruise night since – but there’s an upcoming cruise being planned that you simply MUST experience – especially if you’re a true Mustang enthusiast. Catch A Wave Productions, in conjunction with the Mustang Club of America (MCA), and Mustang Enthusiast, RestoMod, and Automotive Traveler  agazines, are taking car cruising to the high seas with their 2nd Annual "Mustang Lover’s Cruise," celebrating the 45th birthday of America’s most famous – and most popular – Pony Car.”

I must admit, apart from missing the link between a spending time at see on a boat to celebrate your love for a car, I’m just not such a big fan of cruises to begin with. But if you are and if you like the Mustang maybe this is just what you’ve been looking for. Here’s a link to a PDF with all the information you need in that case.


Mapping Bullitt

Like you would ever need another reason to watch the coolest car chase of all times yet again right? Someone just mapped the video of the car chase scene onto Google Maps. From the creator:

“I’m a huge fan of ‘the king of cool’ and of all movie car-chase scenes. I thought it would be great to mashup famous chases with their GPS tracks. Keep in mind some of the chases cut from one place to another…so I tried to be as accurate as possible.”


Check it out for yourself.

[Via BoingBoing]

Meet Mary-Lou

Or Daisy, Sandy, Annabel, … and all the other Mustangs you can hire at Sidney Mustangs. Whether it is for a wedding, a fashion shoot or whatever special occasion that’s the place to go. Now this isn’t meant to be as an advertisement so why do I want to talk about this one then? Simple, I was charmed by the fact they had named their cars like this. Not that I would ever consider doing that, not in the least with the names they’ve picked for this but still…

So go meet Holly, Daisy and the others right here.

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