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Turbo Boosted Super Pursuit Edition

Whenever they announced the new Knight Rider TV series would use a Mustang, that obviously sparked some interest with me. I blogged about it when it happened but didn’t get a chance to see it yet as I don’t live in the US. At Comic-Con 08 in San Diego end of July, they presented the Turbo Boosted Super Pursuit version of KITT… and what can I say, it’s fugly! What do you think?


Oh and while you’re at it, if you’ve seen the series already, let me know if it’s any good please. That way I know if I should keep an eye out for it once it’s available here.

PS: Yes I know it’s meant to be quite a bit over the top, so I’m totally fine with NBC doing this in case you wondered… but that doesn’t make it look any better though ;)



Last year I wrote about the GT350-H, the special Mustang that came out of a partnership between Hertz and Ford. They produced a 1000 of these back in 1966 and re-introduced the program in 2006 with the new version of the Mustang. Incredible idea, you could truly rent a racer for a day… that is if you live in the United States.


This week I found out that this situation has changed though. According to a fellow car enthusiast and blogger, there are now 2 Mustangs GT350-H for rent at Hertz in Schiphol (by the Amsterdam airport, The Netherlands). They have a coupé and a convertible, both for rent at €750 for 3 days. And even if it isn’t the classic version, I’d sure be open to cruise around in one of these for 3 days. Amsterdam here I come?

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