Turbo Boosted Super Pursuit Edition

Whenever they announced the new Knight Rider TV series would use a Mustang, that obviously sparked some interest with me. I blogged about it when it happened but didn’t get a chance to see it yet as I don’t live in the US. At Comic-Con 08 in San Diego end of July, they presented the Turbo Boosted Super Pursuit version of KITT… and what can I say, it’s fugly! What do you think?


Oh and while you’re at it, if you’ve seen the series already, let me know if it’s any good please. That way I know if I should keep an eye out for it once it’s available here.

PS: Yes I know it’s meant to be quite a bit over the top, so I’m totally fine with NBC doing this in case you wondered… but that doesn’t make it look any better though ;)


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6 responses to “Turbo Boosted Super Pursuit Edition”

  1. Fox Mustang Guy says :

    This car is ridiculous looking. I do like intake coming out of the hood, it looks mean. Other than that most of the stuff just looks wrong. The wheels bother me the most they look completely different and the rims are ugly.

  2. carnut1.blogspot.com says :

    I can bet that half the stuff on that car is unoperational and plastic, A.K.A. fake. This happens a lot with mustangs, at least in the U.S. Fake bits and plastic chrome, unoperational side vents(that was actually stock from the factory), and just plain ugly, pointless add-ons. It’s just stupid- and ugly.

    P.S. You might like my blog, carnut1.blogspot.com

  3. Dan says :

    The new Knight Rider show is pretty bad. The original was cheesy, which made it good.. but this one is just poorly written.
    I still watch it, because I like seing a black mustang that looks similar to my ’08 GT, being star of a show… but sometimes it’s painful to watch.

    I’d rather watch the original really. I think it’d be cool if at some point, they have the new KITT meet the old Trans Am KITT… and maybe work together on a mission or something.

    Right now however, the stories seem to be more focused on people taking their clothes off (for ratings), than actual storylines.

    And to Carnut1 – of course that stuff is all plastic addons – I highly doubt that ford spent the time to totally re-engineer the mustang with real brake vents, other air intakes, re-routed exhaust etc. just for a TV show, where everything is fake anyway. This car doesn’t REALLY have turbo-boost, to make it jump over obstacles… and it never will. Therefore, plastic parts work just fine for the effect.

    This “attack mode” does look stupid though… the old trans am got by fine without having to morph into different shapes… this new show relies on (obviously low-cost) computer animation way too much.

  4. Dan says :

    Just one other point – the unfortunate thing about this new Knight Rider show, is it seems like it’s marketed directly at 10-16 year olds…

    Obviously ford’s reason for being involved is to promote their mustang and make people want one.

    Unfortunately, with the way the US is panicking about gas prices (I’m from the UK, but live in the US.. so I know what REAL high gas prices are), the mustang probably won’t even exist as we know it now, by the time these kids are able to purchase one.

    It’ll either be turned in to some horrible hybrid or electric car, with an automatic transmission only. OR if they manage to keep the large gas engines, it’ll be priced out of the market, due to the cost of manufacturing a car like that, when so few people will buy it due to gas prices, and due to the fines/taxes the government will end up imposing on cars like this.

    I’m worried the US car ‘landscape’ is going to end up like the UK’s has been for years… a country full of boring little underpowered hatchbacks, with powerful cars reserved only for the rich.

  5. Kris Hoet says :

    Thanks for stopping by Dan – I still haven’t seen an episode yet, but the comments don’t make me feel like I miss anything. Indeed the TURBO-BOOST wasn’t needed back then, why would it now? I do like the old vs. new KITT episode idea though :)

    And yeah how much I’m all for making cars greener and all but a country full of Priuses doesn’t look exiting to me either. Did you know by the way that in 1966 of all cars sold in the 6% were Mustangs? Found that in an article the other day, new blogpost with some odd facts coming up soon.

  6. Dan says :

    That’s interesting. The world would be a better place if 6% of all cars were mustangs (and maybe another 6% camaros, another 6% corvettes… etc).
    Around here, it seems to me that 80% of cars are boring Toyotas.

    Since I posted above, I’ve watched 2 more Knight Rider episodes I recorded, and I can confirm they’re still pretty bad. Just about watchable.. just because I want to know what happens, but I’m guessing the show will be cancelled.

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