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McQueen says yes to Bullitt replica


Or the McQueen family to be correct. Autoblog had the following news a couple of days ago:

“Fans of the car and McQueen are one step closer to realizing this dream thanks to the McQueen estate, which has authorized the building of official replica Bullit Mustangs in honor of the film’s 40th anniversary. Ownership of the Bullit name is shared by the McQueen family and Warner Bros., …”

Autoblog also mentions they’re not sure who will actually build the car, but thinking you will actually be able to buy this classic… man, I know what I want for Christmas now. Although, it must be said (and you know I’m really a fan of the 1965-1968 Mustangs) that new Bullitt looks incredible as well. They would actually both do well in my garage :)

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