McQueen says yes to Bullitt replica


Or the McQueen family to be correct. Autoblog had the following news a couple of days ago:

“Fans of the car and McQueen are one step closer to realizing this dream thanks to the McQueen estate, which has authorized the building of official replica Bullit Mustangs in honor of the film’s 40th anniversary. Ownership of the Bullit name is shared by the McQueen family and Warner Bros., …”

Autoblog also mentions they’re not sure who will actually build the car, but thinking you will actually be able to buy this classic… man, I know what I want for Christmas now. Although, it must be said (and you know I’m really a fan of the 1965-1968 Mustangs) that new Bullitt looks incredible as well. They would actually both do well in my garage :)


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5 responses to “McQueen says yes to Bullitt replica”

  1. Paul says :

    I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and rode up and down some of those streets from the movie… the incredible hills and crests – you could just “see” the Bullitt rising up and landing! San Francisco is a great place.

  2. gary says :

    I was a fan of the movie when my older brother came home from the theatre and told me about the chase scene
    with a Mustang .
    My oldest Sister had married and bought a 1967 Mustang that was so cool that a 1968 fastback made it even more attractive since my brother told me that the Mustang became air-borne at one point.

    What I have noticed with the 1/18th scale replicas is that they appear to be normal 68 body redone with upgrades.
    First off the Movie Mustang had the Woodgrain dash option, it had a small Round driver side mirror, the side scoop gills aft the door were removed ,the rear apron did not have the back-up lights nor the 1/2-round cut-outs for the GT exhaust pipes.
    The gas cap was blacked out, and finally………in 1968 it became law to have side marker lights which caught FORD off guard by the 1967 Die stamps in rear quarter panels.
    Because of this it was easier to stamp 2 holes for a large raised Reflector and screw on cap-nuts from the truck side.
    The true Bullitt GT was a later production with the Flat-Reflector strip built into the body.
    I know this because we had a 1968 Torino with raised chrome Reflectors as other early 68’s, then the later ones were flat Built-in unit as seen on the 68 galaxie/LTD rear light bezels that were easy to change.
    European imports in 1967 already had side marker Lights ,this forced the Big 3 to catch-up with night time safety for the side view of a car.
    Dodge and Plymouth went straight to a round light as seen on the 68 Charger fenders , in 1969 the side Lights took over for almost every N.American car but we went one step further to add some front side light that were turning lights as well.
    Check out the 67/68 Tbird for the reflector change ,the 67/68 LTD,68/69 Roadrunner.
    As for the Lincoln MarkIII in early 1968 as a 1969 car….the enclosed rear brake lights concept forced some to make a wrap-around transparent light that was seen from the side until a major body change was justified.

    Not a real big issue by History is History and a collector would not like investing in a cheap clone with built-in flaws
    based a FORD production facts during the 1968 change over, this helped me when a old man tried to pawn off his Cougar as a 1967 when it was clearly a 1968 .
    1967 was the first year for the Dual master cylinder system but in 1968 there was also a 3-point seatbelt change for FORD in the front with a second belt on the headliner , also….FORD had the standard Collapsible steering column for safety and it was a corrogated plastic sleave over the shaft and on impact the force would push downwards like a folding accordian or bellows.
    The Old man may have bought it in late 1967, but it was a early 68 with all the Codes and changes for a 68 Cougar.

    This production change also happened when the generator was phased out, some late 62 Tbirds got the new Alternator charger that was standard for 1963 Tbirds, the 63 power steering pump reserve also went from a fender mounted unit to engine mounted.

  3. replica says :

    want to have this one…

  4. high replica says :

    great issue, im gonna buy to my dad also lol

    i found that site as well you should check this out

    high replica<

  5. says :

    Easy answer. The cars were built by Ford Motor Company specifically for the movie,

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