Barret-Jackson 2008

Want to drive the 1966 Mustang coupe owned by James Earl Ray (who assisinated Martin Luther King) or the 1980 Mustang owned by Bette Davis? Or are you looking for another georgous yet less famous (or infamous) classic Mustang then the 2008 Barret-Jackson collector car auction in Las Vegas is where you need to be. The auction is held in the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino from October 15th to October 18th, as in ‘next week’ :)

The auction is about a lot more than just about Mustangs but there are some 30+ Mustangs on the list and looked them all up. The event will apparently be broadcasted live on the Speed channel in case you can’t be there (and in case you know what the Speed channel is… because I don’t).


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3 responses to “Barret-Jackson 2008”

  1. sorrentolens says :

    Kris… Speed Channel is on cabel-tv’s channel for anything related to cars-racing, etc. Here in Lake County, FL USA its on channel 63 on Comcast Cabel.

    I always check your blog to see what you’ve posted. And I always like your flickr photos. Take care and good luck. Paul

  2. Kris Hoet says :

    Aha. Thanks for informing me, as a European I obviously have no view on that. Too bad, had hoped it would have been online streaming or something.

    And thanks for the nice remarks about the blog, appreciate that a lot.

  3. tony berbig says :

    The AMC colors were called Big Bad Colors not Go Colors

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