Fender Shelby or Mustang Stratocaster?

The Mustang seems to have a thing with guitars, Fender guitars. Or Fender has a thing with the Mustang, not sure who’s taking the lead in this. One thing is sure though, there are plenty of people at both companies that believe there’s a good synergy between them.

It seems like every single model has it’s own guitar ;) There’s the Shelby GT-500 KR Edition Fender Stratocaster which was expected to sell out fast but you can still get them here ($4.999 no less!).


Also the Shelby GT had one some time ago (which apparently did sell out fast) …


and it seems there’s even a Shelby GT-H branded version which I don’t think even went into production. Remember how the 350 GT-H is the Hertz rent-a-racer?


Funny enough, when you go the the Fender website, none of these guitars are mentioned but they do have this one: ‘65 Mustang.

“Small and fast—like a sports car! Fender is proud to reissue the ’65 Mustang guitar (1965 was the first full year of Mustang production). Originally designed as a “student model,” the Mustang was nonetheless destined for greatness, and has been seen slung over the shoulders of great players such as David Byrne, John Frusciante, Kurt Cobain, Todd Rundgren, Graham Coxon and Adrian Belew, to name but a few.”


Finally, there’s one that I could only find on Steedshop.com – the “45 Anniversary” Mustang Fender Accoustic Guitar.


So, looking at all this Mustang guitar goodness – which one would you prefer? I’m not talking about the most expensive or most exclusive necessarily but the one you think makes most sense or looks the coolest of all? Let me know in the poll below.


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3 responses to “Fender Shelby or Mustang Stratocaster?”

  1. Ray C. says :

    I have a Fender Shelby GT Mustang guitar that was a special issue of only 200 instruments and they were supposedly only sold to Ford dealers. The one I have is black with the Shelby stripe and is autographed by Carol Shelby and has the original documentation. It has never been played and comes in a cool Fender hard shell case that includes the stripe and chrome emblem like would go on the car.

    • Jerry Love says :

      Hey Ray, if you ever decide to sell your Shelby GT Guitar, I’d be interested. I have a 2007 Shelby GT Mustang (white/silver stripes) vin number 0104. If interested in selling, email me and I’ll send you my phone number. gt@zoominternet.net thanks for your consideration.

  2. Kris Hoet says :

    Hey Ray, pretty cool!
    I’ll play it for you if you want ;)

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