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Mustang of the week #2

Second photo in the new series of brilliant photos of a brilliant car ;) Enjoy!

Grubby fingers

This time the photo is from iMattt


More history and fun facts

It’s not the first time I write about the history of the Ford Mustang, but one of my recent posts had a fact in there that got me searching for some more. It was about how the Mustang already made a first appearance in 1962, whereas to my knowledge first Mustang dates from 1964. So here’s what I found:

“The Ford Mustang has an interesting beginning. A prototype for the first Mustang was raced in the U.S. Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, New York, in October, 1962. But Lee Iacocca wanted a car that would appeal to more than race car drivers. So, it was back to the drawing board! Ford decided to build an all-new American sports car that was stylish, but affordable.

Ford wanted to introduce the car at the New York World’s Fair in April of 1964. But, it was already the summer of 1962. So, a competition was held in Ford’s design department. The top three designer teams were asked to create a clay model of a car in two weeks!

There were seven different entries in the car contest. The winner of the competition was Dave Ash, assistant to Joe Oros. His design was called the Cougar. He even placed a metal cougar on the grille of the car. The car was painted white with red wheels. Some of the executives didn’t like the name. So, the car was renamed Mustang.”

The article also has some interesting information around the popularity of that first Mustang. We already knew the original Ford Mustang still holds the record for fastest selling car ever, but these facts truly show what it meant in those days:

“The Mustang caused a huge sensation. Car dealerships were swamped with people wanting to get a look at this new and unique American car. People got into fights trying to buy the only one in stock. One dealer sold his model to the highest bidder. The man who bought it insisted on sleeping in the car overnight until his bank opened the next day so nobody else took it away from him! The Mustang was a hot new car and everyone wanted one. By the end of the first year of production, Ford had sold 418,812 Mustangs.”

Curious about some more good historic information about the Mustang, go and have a read here ;)

What’s that in the back?

Even if you’re only a tiny wee bit of Mustang enthusiast you probably have noticed Ford has finally revealed their 2010 model. After weeks of teasing with photos like the one below (just show us the damn car!) they finally introduced the real deal.

2010 Ford Mustang

With an event at the LA Auto Show, featured LIVE on the SPEED Channel the new Mustang entered the stage drifting away etc etc… but apart from all the new Mustang goodness, am I the only one looking at the cars in the back? ;)

2010 Ford Mustang

Because there are some real beauties on that stage my friends, I kinda wished they did a show for those classics instead of this all new one. Don’t get me wrong, since 2005 Ford figured it all out again and turned a legendary car into something that is worth the legend again (after messing it all up in the eighties and nineties). But my passion still sits mainly with those in the back, don’t think that’ll ever change.

Mustang of the week #1

I’ve been adding favorites on Flickr every time I stumbled upon some of the most beautiful Mustang photos out there. That made me think of a new series, to posting one of these great shots every Friday, here’s number one. Feel free to send me a link to your magnificent Mustang photo, it might end up here one Friday. Email mustangblog [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Mustang Fastback

Original to be found here, photo taken by DagsDownunder

Most popular Mustangs ever?

Mustang Monthly picks the most popular Mustangs ever based on what they’ve seen and heard from their readers. Not a very scientific way to do this but given their Mustang knowledge it’s definitely worth checking out.

5. 1969 Mach 1

I have no idea what these 2 eighties models (7 and 8) are doing in the list, those are models we are all trying to forget no? And I sure don’t know what the ‘93 Mustang Cobra is doing at number 3?! But then again, I sort of gave up in the early seventies and only happily look at the Mustang again since they re-launched the model in 2005. And I think the ‘67 Mustang GT 390 deserves better than number 6 etc etc…

Anyway, take a look for yourself (part 1 / part 2) and let me know in the comments about your personal Mustang top 3 or top 5. Maybe we can do our own list someday.

Hot Wheels?!

A day after posting about one of the most beautiful Mustangs ever, I post what is probably the most ugly Mustang. Well, not a real Mustang but this GT Mustang-based concept car sure is butt-ugly.  And it beats me why this is supposed to be a ‘Mustang’, anyway take a look for yourself at what Jalopnik calls an overgrown Hot Wheels car.


Shelby “Black Hornet”

Okay, no need to look any further, this is the car I want. Carroll Shelby is selling this ‘68 Shelby EXP500 CSS out of his personal collection and all proceeds will go to the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation, which helps children worldwide battle life-threatening illnesses while promoting the importance of organ and tissue donation. The auction will start on December 2nd on Ebay.


Bidding begins at $100.000 which is enough to keep me out of the loop for potential future ownership unfortunately. Too bad, the car looks absolutely awesome! Here’s some more Mustang goodness, click on the image for hi res versions.


Place your bids!

[Via Mustang Monthly]

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