A presidential Mustang ride


What was the hardest thing Bill Clinton had to leave behind when moving into the White House? Rumor goes it was his 1967 Mustang convertible.

“As the story goes, Clinton truly admired the Mustang. For starters, he had the car refurbished after taking ownership. Shortly thereafter he was regularly spotted cruising in the car from Little Rock to Hot Springs, then back again. In fact, on Sundays he would often take his family out for a cruise in the convertible. One notable instance of Clinton and his Mustang involves his 46th birthday. On that day he and Hillary Clinton are said to have gone for a ride, with Clinton wearing his Hot Springs High School sweater and Hillary wearing a vintage high-school skirt. There’s no doubt about it, Bill Clinton had caught the Mustang bug.”

As you probably know, presidents are not allowed to drive themselves around, and Clinton reportedly only drove his Mustang while being president in April 1994 at the Charlotte Speedway… during a celebration for the Mustangs 30th Anniversary.

The Mustang is now on display at the Museum of Automobiles in Morrilton, Ark. Read the full details behind this story here, or check out this page for the top 10 coolest presidential rides ever.


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2 responses to “A presidential Mustang ride”

  1. Karolyn says :

    Hi Kris,

    I just wanted to let you know that your video made it on to Ford’s Weekly Roundup – http://ford.digitalsnippets.com/mustang/#headline. The content is refreshed 2x weekly, so just look under the Weekly Roundup Archive to see your snippet.

    Each week we look for the best of the web mustang stuff – anything that’s made by mustang lovers. All of the items get tagged in delicious, “mustangbestoftheweb” and from that list, Ford chooses their faves!

    Our agency works closely with Ford on their social media efforts. We are heading up this project so I wanted to let you know.



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