‘65 Red Mustang- Needs love

I don’t normally post or link to classifieds for Mustangs on this blog, nor will that change in the future. But this one on Craigslist caught my attention because the way it was advertised. So just spreading the love here, Colorado Springs unfortunately is a bit far for me ;)

“I am an oxidized red 289 V8 coupe with black and cream interior. I was my owners primary vehicle for 8 years, I’m ugly, but run well. Better than being gorgeous and broken down. New carb and rear tires, will be a perfect vehicle for someone with a desire to work on me. Interior needs re-upholstered. Yes, I have rust, yes the quarter panels need replaced. Classic mustang parts are some of the cheapest to buy. As with older classics, you can put in 3 or 4K and sell for a good profit. (I actually saw one go for 68K on a Barrett Jackson Auction) No clue on the mileage. THIS IS A GREAT FIXER UPPER DEAL. It can be driven away, but probably not completely reliable, since it has been sitting parked for 5 years. Classic Mustangs DO NOT lose value like all other cars, they actually gain value. Therefore, no foolish offers even considered.”

So if you have some $1995 to spare and quite a bit of free time…

craigslist1  craigslist2


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2 responses to “‘65 Red Mustang- Needs love”

  1. Connie Crittenden says :

    What are you asking for it? Where do you live?

  2. jermiah says :

    ill give you a 1,000$ for the 65 red mustang

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