Mustang of the week #6

Wow! Already the sixth week in this ‘Mustang of the week’ series, don’t you like the beauty in these photos? I know I do. This week our guest is Jan R. from Hamburg (Germany). I know who to call for a ride in a couple of months when I’ll be in Hamburg for Next09 :)

1. Which of your own photos in the Flickr group you like most?

Nordic Pony Cars 00819

2. Is there a particular story around one of your Mustang photos that you would like to share? Something that happened when you took it? Or something related to the response you got on the photo so far?

Well, all of these winter photos. It wasn’t winter at all. Just hoarfrost for 3-4 hours in the morning. And some haze. 3 hours later all the magic was gone and it was a rainy day. Lucky us, being out there at the right time in the right place.

3. Do you own a Mustang yourself? Which model? And would you like to have one if that’s not the case yet?

Yes, the 1968 Coupé, Sprint Promotion B, you can see more photos here.

4. Do you have a specific love for photographing Mustangs? Or is a coincidence? Or a passion for cars in general?

A passion for cars in general, and for my car especially ;-)

5. Which one of the other photos (in the Flickr group) are you jealous of as a photographer?

Ensaio Mustang - Capa Maxi Tuning - jan/07

Good selection again. I really like Jan’s ‘winter’ series but also these night shots are pretty interesting, here’s one of those I like most. Don’t forget to check out all of Jan’s great Mustang photos in the Flickr group.

Blue Light

More goodness next week.


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