Mustang mutations and conversions

Remember this post about the Mustang pick-up I did recently. Well it seems like there are loads more of these pick-up like Mustang conversions, Wolfgang Kohrn from gathered a whole bunch of them (with backstories) on his site.

 pickup2 pickup3 pickup4  pickup6

And also from the Mustang wagon there seem to be quite some more copies out there:

station4   station3

station1 station2

Check them all out here. Any other exotic conversions you have seen that you can point me to? Let me know in the comments.


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4 responses to “Mustang mutations and conversions”

  1. Staale | Mustang posters says :

    I really, really love the two last ones. The way they’ve made it look like a rocket that are ready to blow. All though, I understand that the station wagon didn’t really make it. It never been a hit.

    But I saw the new Porsche wagon. Maybe we are going to see more of those again?

  2. Michael | Quality Used Cars says :

    Have just come across this site and read through some of the posts and have now decided to leave a comment.
    I have always love the Mustang it one of Fords best cars ever and America’s one too, as I am not really a huge fan of American made cars, my all time favorite was on a TV show Fire engine Red, just can recall the model but it was old, I have to say that one rocked.

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