‘64 New York World Fair


I’ve already blogged about the Mustang history a couple of times, with the mention of the Mustang launch at the 1964 New York World Fair, but never had the photos I wanted to go with that… I do now. Here’s a photo of the Ford pavilion (courtesy of Mustang Source and copyright by Bill Cotter).


“A white convertible and a black hardtop are presented together with the other 1964 Ford/Lincoln vehicles. You could also take a "ride" in the "Magic Skyway", Walt Disney’s adventure through time and space. Sponsored by Ford, so you could get lucky and sit in a mustang during the tour!”

More photos right here. Thanks to the Belgian Mustang Drivers.


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7 responses to “‘64 New York World Fair”

  1. Vicki Johnson says :

    My father was the art director on the first Ford Mustang catalog. Do you know if anyone has written a history of the Mustang in advertising?

  2. Kris Hoet says :

    That sounds like it must have been a very cool job. I don’t know if anyone has written about it but it sure does interest me. So if anyone around here knows, please tell us about it. In the meantime make sure you check this page: http://iblogmustang.com/adclassix/ which has a boatload of ads… no history on them though ;)

  3. Vicki Johnson says :

    My bad. I’ve been corrected. He was the photographer on the first catalog.

  4. Paitleinpuple says :

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  5. Michael | Quality Used Cars says :

    That decor is sooooo 60’s! LOL!

    Awesome memories of an evocative car. I really wonder what modern automobiles will evoke such passion 40 years from now?

    One thing is for certain though, the Mustang will still be considered to be hot in 40 years from now!

  6. Michael | Quality Used Cars says :

    What a great looking car, thanks for sharing the photo, its amazing how this car looks so hot in that color no one would really buy a car that was that color, cause I know that I wouldn’t but wow its just perfect for the Mustang.

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