2 years of Mustang blogging


I’m happy to say that this blog celebrates its 2nd anniversary today and I think that is kinda cool. Not just because of the blogging (my other blog is +3 years old) but for how this blog in particular turned out to be. Here’s why:


This blog (more then my 1st one) shows that when you’re really passionate about something you can get recognition for that worldwide thanks to today’s technology. How else can someone like me who knows nothing about cars get into the top 10 most visited Mustang community sites worldwide. I think that’s just great.


The sense of community you get surfing through ‘all things Mustang’ is really fantastic, and that gets reflected on the blog as well. Take this ‘Bullitt Mustang’ post for instance, where 4 or 5 owners of the 2008 Bullitt commented of their experience with the car. Or look at what’s happening with the Flickr group I created for I Blog Mustang, conversations start happening and people clearly enjoy the set of photos collected in this group. Or how I early on got in touch with Cameron in Australia who’s working on his own restoration project… all very cool.


Man, I only realized not that long ago how huge the Mustang’s history really is. Reading about it online, searching for information, stumbling upon amazing stories got me to discover all kinds of interesting facts about this car… seriously more than I could ever have imagined. I learned about the early Mustang development, first owners, classic advertising, concept cars that were never put in production, … too much to sum up right here. Check out all posts tagged history to learn more.


It all started because I thought I had this sort of funny idea to blog about a quest to get my hands on my own Mustang one day. Although I didn’t really think I would actually get one this way, I noticed people making money using the internet so it would at least make for good stories. Of course I realized I had to fill it up with more random posts about the Mustang to make sure there would be enough content overall. Today I’ve published about 130 post… of which only 21 relate to ‘the quest’ :)


Every time I searched the web for good content I figured I would have blogged about pretty much everything there is to say, and yet every time again I find new things to talk about. Also now I have a few things lined up so whether I will make it for a full 3rd year remains to be seen but it sure ain’t over just yet!

Thank you all very very much for reading this blog and commenting. I enjoyed it very much to date and that will only get even better over time. Thanks a lot!

Your host – Kris.

PS: No I still don’t have my own Mustang but I’m 100% sure that’s only a matter of time ;)


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5 responses to “2 years of Mustang blogging”

  1. sorrentolens says :

    Kris – there is a theory that if you keep the image of something in front of you (at all reasonable times), then you will obtain what is in the image. A kind of goal-setting tactic. I truly hope you get your Mustang.

    Congratulations on your second anniversary!


  2. Kris Hoet says :

    Thanks Paul – for the nice words and obviously for stopping by this blog on occasion ;)

  3. Joyslessy says :

    iblogmustang.com – cooooolest domain name)))

  4. Laura says :

    Hay Kris,
    I too thought I would never get my heart’s desire…a mustang. I waited almost 30 years and my hope was for a ’69. Sorrentolens theory about keeping an image close by may have some validity. It worked for me. The year of 2007 I bought a Mustang calender that I drooled over everyday and I also bought a Hotwheels ’69 Mustang that sat on my desk. By February 2008 I got my Mustang. It wasn’t a ’69 but a Bullitt but who would complain about that. Good luck with your quest and thanks for your site.


  5. Kris Hoet says :

    Thanks Laura – There’s no doubt in my mind that I will get what I want one day ;) Great to see you have yours and thanks a lot for checking out my blog on occasion.

    – Kris

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