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Classic Car Ghent ‘09

I went to the Classic Car Expo in Ghent this weekend, just like last year. And I was lucky as there were quite a few Mustangs this year, definitely more than last year. Hopefully that trend will continue as next week the Antwerp Oldtimer Expo is on so going to check it out there as well. Here are some of the photos I took in Gent:

The real deal


And here are those of last year in Ghent, and last year in Antwerp.


Just a little bit of Friday fun

Yes I know I haven’t posted a ‘Mustang of the week’ last week, nor will I do so today :( I need to catch up with some of the photographers in the Flickr group I created and get the little survey out to them etc… Not giving up on the series though so expect it to come back soon. We do have over 200 of the greatest classic Mustang photos in the group though so if you’re up for a real treat… go check it out.

Anyway, today I discovered this little Flash site that lets you ‘drive around’ with a Mustang on the website which I thought was worth sharing. It’s not something you’ll keep doing for hours, but it is nevertheless a bit of fun.


Hat tip to @minorissues

$5.5 Million Ford Mustang? (Update!)

Only a day after posting about this pretty expensive Mustang, I read it escaped a fire at the Northern Illinois Classic Auto Museum! Luckily it was saved from the fire:

“An early fire detection system and fast response from the Wauconda Fire Department saved one of the most iconic pieces of automotive Americana.  Damage to the museum is estimated to be about $250K with most of it being smoke related.”

I want to add that my blogpost so close to the fire is a pure coincidence ;)

$5.5 Million Ford Mustang?


Is this Mustang actually worth $5.5 Million? Apparently it is and the reason for all that is that it would be the first ever built Mustang.

“It’s a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible which should cost the new owner, $5.5 million which include a letter from William Clay Ford, full ownership history and of course the original registration plates. As you can see the Convertible Mustang looks extremely well, and that is because it was restored in 1983.”

According to Racing Daily this Mustang hasn’t just been discovered, as their seems to be quite some documentation about it already:

“Mustang 212 is not a mystery vehicle that has just been discovered. This Convertible is well known in Mustang circles, chronicled in Mustang publications, and entered in Mustang Registries. It was also displayed at the Towe Museum in San Diego, CA for a period of over ten years. It was loaned to Henry Clay Ford’s granddaughter to use at her wedding in December 2006.”

Well, it sure looks nice but the price tag is maybe just that little bit too much for me ;) If you fancy it however then here’s where you can buy it.

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