$5.5 Million Ford Mustang?


Is this Mustang actually worth $5.5 Million? Apparently it is and the reason for all that is that it would be the first ever built Mustang.

“It’s a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible which should cost the new owner, $5.5 million which include a letter from William Clay Ford, full ownership history and of course the original registration plates. As you can see the Convertible Mustang looks extremely well, and that is because it was restored in 1983.”

According to Racing Daily this Mustang hasn’t just been discovered, as their seems to be quite some documentation about it already:

“Mustang 212 is not a mystery vehicle that has just been discovered. This Convertible is well known in Mustang circles, chronicled in Mustang publications, and entered in Mustang Registries. It was also displayed at the Towe Museum in San Diego, CA for a period of over ten years. It was loaned to Henry Clay Ford’s granddaughter to use at her wedding in December 2006.”

Well, it sure looks nice but the price tag is maybe just that little bit too much for me ;) If you fancy it however then here’s where you can buy it.


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2 responses to “$5.5 Million Ford Mustang?”

  1. Pedal Ride on Car says :

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a list previous owners for this unit? I doubt it but it would be interesting to find out. I just can’t imagine any care being worth that kind of money.

  2. Michael | Quality Used Cars says :

    Wow that is a huge amount for a car but seeing that it is the first ever made Mustang it would be worth all that money and more that car is a true classic and who ever owns it is extremely lucky. There is nothing nicer than this car that is for sure.:)

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