StangNet Top 100 [No More]

The StangNet topsites feature is no more. Today if you click on the StangNet button in right navigation (keeping the button online for another week, then it will be gone forever) you will get a 404 – page does not exist as a result. [Thanks to all for letting me know by the way].

And okay, people change priorities and so do companies so that StangNet decided not to keep this feature is their call obviously. What bothers me about all this is the fact that they didn’t think they needed to communicate on this. What happens basically is that they didn’t think it was necessary to communicate to exactly the community that supported this for years. All you get (after a bit of playing with the url’s) is this:


The least they could do is send all of us a little email don’t you think? Anyway, I think it’s sad they’ve given up on this and especially the way they’ve done so.

Any suggestions for other Mustang topsite lists? Let me know.


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4 responses to “StangNet Top 100 [No More]”

  1. Cameron says :

    Yeah mate i noticed this too! and just when i put it in the new site as well! real shame though.

  2. AllStangs says :

    Yeah, it took one of my visitors to let me know Stangnet shut it down too. I totally agree on the communication thing.

    You asked for other Mustang top sites. Here are two I use:

    I would think with the traffic you get you’d be at or near the top of both of those pretty quickly.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Kris Hoet says :

    Thanks for the links, I’ll go check those out. And about blog traffic, that must have been a flaw in the StangNet metrics… deleted the button now ;)

  4. Sam says :

    This is such a horrible thing, Thanks AllStangs for the links to those sites.

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