I heart Bullitt

My wish has always been to own a ‘65 Mustang one day. It was the model I always believed I wanted most. The original WordPress URL of this blog (before buying iblogmustang.com) even had the ‘65’ mention in it. I realized it’s not true though. Yes I really want that 1965 model one day if possible, but the one I care about most, the one I want first and foremost is the one we know as Bullitt. Or say a 1968 Mustang Fastback in Bullitt green… yes, that one :)


Isn’t that just the coolest car ever? Not convinced? Here are some more great photos of my dream car:



And in case you want one for yourself? Here are the do’s and don’ts for a ride like Frank’s.

112_0801_19z 1968_ford_mustang_bullitt feature_diagram


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6 responses to “I heart Bullitt”

  1. Luc Debaisieux says :

    I can hear it already… Simply, totally awwwwsome! : )

  2. Pietel says :

    Meh… Still would prefer an Audi S5 coupe . It’s the European answer to brutal cars.

  3. Luc Debaisieux says :

    Naaa… Pietel, come on already… 1968 Mustang “brutal”???
    Not talking about a dodge challenger SRT8 2009 or a Pontiac Firebird GTO 09 here.

    Vintage, original, genuine…

    Look where Audi was in 1968 :

    Naaa… simply said “Ford is a better idea” :

    Only Mustang makes it happen ; )

  4. Mustang says :

    I prefer the ’69 mustang to the ’65…but they are quite similar. Either way a mustang is a mustang and I love ’em :) I really like the “Do’s and Dont’s” thing, nice addition.

    • Corey says :

      I agree with you, I have a 1969 Mustang Hardtop, however, the Mustang in general is such a classic looking car, agreed.

      Excellent site, it’s always nice to find more Mustang enthusiasts out there!

  5. inlinesix says :

    Great blog! I hope you find your 1965 Mustang. In the mean time I’ll share my 66 Mustang with you through my blog.



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