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In a new series of blogposts that I’m preparing I wanted to expand the focus of this blog to all classic muscle cars, and for once not just the Mustang. And although I’m not ready yet with those posts, the news about the Camustenger seemed like the perfect way to announce this new series. Why? Because it really is the Camaro, Mustang and Challenger mixed up. Not bad even :)


It is just a model but still worth checking out. You can find more information about this Camustenger right here.


IbM on Facebook

And no not the IBM of course, this IbM stands for I blog Mustang ;) It all started with this blog, then I added a Twitter account to it and also a Group on Flickr. It really only was a matter of time (and mostly about finding the time to do it) before I would create this Facebook page. Well now it’s done so if you like this blog I invite you to take a look.


Happy holidays y’all!

It’s happy time

When was the last time you saw a reverse spin as part of a car’s road test? A serious road test that is, and not any of the shenanigans the Top Gear team performs on a weekly basis :) I suppose it has been a while. In fact I cannot remember seeing it ever as part of a road test, but then again… only with the 1968 GT500KR it is happy time:

[Via ‘67 Mustang Blog]

Mustang pool table

Just in time for the holiday period, here’s what I just might have to add to my wishlist – the Mustang pool table. Available in any color, the pool table comes at an introductory price of $7,999 so why wait right?


Now taking orders at

[Via Mustang Monthly]

Ford Mustang Gran Turismo

At the Gran Turismo Awards at this year’s SEMA, this 1970’s Ford Mustang “Trans-Cammer” took home the award. And what does that mean exactly? Well that means it’ll get the digital treatment to feature in the 5th edition of the Gran Turismo game… so you’ll be able to drive it, quite literally (albeit still virtually) :)


Game on!

[Via Gamedaily]

1964 Mustang road test

Nice little story found on the blog of my Mustang buddy Cameron in Sidney, check out the images. Could this be images of one of the earliest of Mustang road tests performed for Motor Trend? It reads:

“…appears to be 289 High Performance V-8equipped ‘64 1/2 Mustang hardtop. Although this is clearly a 289 High Performance V-8 with four-speed, we’re not convinced this is a K-code hardtop because the vehicle identification number is filled in and painted over, which means this is likely an engineering mule.”



More on this story on Cameron’s blog.

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