Mustang pool table

Just in time for the holiday period, here’s what I just might have to add to my wishlist – the Mustang pool table. Available in any color, the pool table comes at an introductory price of $7,999 so why wait right?


Now taking orders at

[Via Mustang Monthly]


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15 responses to “Mustang pool table”

  1. T GILLERN says :



  2. Jefry says :

    I went to ballerhouse and there are no car pooltables on their website. You’re probably just trying to promote their site. This pooltable is not only awesome, it’s licensed by Ford, who probably stole the idea from Japan. :P

  3. pool table dimensions says :

    @ Gillern, how you came to the conclusion that this is stolen. Anyway I will give a look at ballerhouse.

  4. onlymustangfords says :

    Interesting! I thought these tables were $14,000 bux

  5. ROBD says :

    mustang pooltable replica falls short . you cant steal a mans idea try to replicate it into some kind of mass produced junk you see today . my buddy gillern built the orignal from scratch useing a real mustang . which mustangpooltables bought and reproduced outta fiberglass garbage . gilern is truely one of kind .

    and to answer only mustangs fords the orignal was around that price range but when you reproduce a fake copy it jus dont hold its value

  6. ROBD says :

    also jefry it is on there if you smart enough to click on the blue tab that says read full article duuuuuuurrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! and then the picks will come up which was taken close to five years ago

  7. ROBD says :


  8. Pool Tables Florida says :

    Interesting pool table and nice price too. May t be fake or not, this thing’s still one of a kind.

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