No glory…

Last week I bought myself a Mustang gift for Xmas. Not the car unfortunately but the t-shirt :). I found this vintage Mustang t-shirt on Amazon and instantly knew I had to have it, and even with a shipping cost that rises above the cost of the actual product I bought it. All good until yesterday when I received an email from Amazon that Old Glory (who is actually selling the t-shirt) ran out of stock and that they had to cancel my order. Bummer! I still want it bad though so if one of you find Mustang friends know where I can get my hands on this… please let me know.


PS: I’m going to New York in a couple of weeks so in case it can only be shipped within the US I should still be able to get it.


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8 responses to “No glory…”

  1. sorrentolens says :

    I’ll keep an eye out – I know how your feeling must have been dashed when you found out you couldn’t have it.

  2. says :

    Reminds me of the shirts of the 70’s. Just too big a logo.

  3. Jeremy says :

    Very nice shirt! I have a 428 CobraJet shirt myself, I think I need to expand my collection :-)

  4. Greg says :

    I saw a very similar t-shirt at an Old Navy store about a month ago.

    Hey, check out my blog, I’ve got the same goal but a very different plan to get there!

  5. Kris Hoet says :

    Hey Greg – Tried your trick but without much luck :)

    Maybe it should have started with a little red paperclip like Kyle, the first one to come up with this idea.

  6. Chris says :

    That shirt is tigggght.

  7. LA Car Wrap Guy says :

    We actually ordered the Mustang logo for a client a couple of weeks ago, I was looking around the web for ideas for him and saw the picture. He just bought a new 2011 mustang but wanted that logo in a clear coat on the front of his mustang.

    Must be nice to have a ton of money :)

    We will have pic’s of it asap

  8. StangGuy says :

    That is a sharp looking shirt, love the logo with the chrome bars running through the Mustang horse. Except I would love to have it in black.

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